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Aircraft Make/Model:
Aircraft Category:
Guide Price:
» General Information
Variable cost per hour:
Engine manufacturer:
Engine model:
Number of engines:
» General Cabin Dimensions
Cabin height:
Cabin width:
Cabin length:
Cabin volume:
Door height:
Door width:
» Baggage
Variable cost per hour:
Variable cost per hour:
» Typical Passenger Seating
Seats executive:
» Weights
Maximum take off weight:
Maximum landing weight:
Basic operating weight with crew:
Useable fuel:
Payload with full fuel:
Maximum payload:
» Performance Range
Range w/ seats full:
Maximum range:
V f r range seats full:
V f r maximum range:
» Balanced Field Length
Balanced field length:
» Landing Distance
Landing distance factored:
» Rate of Climb(Ft/Min)
Rate of climb all engines:
Rate of climb one engine out:
» Cruise Speed
Max cruise speed:
Normal cruise speed:
Long range cruise speed:
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    + Add Aircraft
    You can add up to 6 aircraft above