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Pilatus PC-12 NG for sale
second image: Pilatus PC-12 NG for sale third image: Pilatus PC-12 NG for sale
Pilatus PC-12 NG
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Czech Rep.
UPDATED: 18 Nov 2014 3:07
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PC-12 OCTOBER 2015 delivery

Select your own options and colors on this October 2014 delivery new PC-12 NG. Enjoy the luxury of a jet, married with mission flexibility of a turboprop. Add the cargo door to carry anything you need, and mark a grass field as your destination. PC-12 NG is a workhorse for your company, as well as your family.


The PC-12 NG features state-of-the-art Honeywell Primus Apex avionics. Four large displays, including two Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) and two Multi Function Displays (MFDs), provide an unprecedented amount of viewing area and integrate flight information, engine monitoring, aircraft configuration, pressurization, and environmental controls.

Flight and weather data, charts, aircraft system information, and trip planning functions are all within easy reach, while a new cockpit environment designed by BMW Group Designworks USA sets a new standard for ergonomics and aesthetics.

Additional Equipment & Features

•A Pratt &Whitney Canada PT6A-67P engine, flat-rated at 1,200 SHP
•A 330 cubic foot pressurized passenger cabin with seating for up to 9 passengers
•A maximum range of 1,560 nautical miles with 3 passengers, high speed cruise, NBAA IFR fuel reserve
•280 knot (322 mph) maximum cruise speed

•A high-lift wing for exceptional short-field performance
•Standard forward passenger door and large (53 in X 52 in) aft cargo door
•Retractable trailing-link landing gear capable of grass and unimproved field operation
•Certification for flight into known icing conditions

•State-of-the-art Honeywell Primus Apex avionics
•Single-pilot certification

Pilatus PC-12 NG

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