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Category: Business Aviation and the Boardroom, Author: Jack Olcott

Identifying the pressures and obligations on Board Members this section is dedicated to addressing the business aviation issues that really matter to the company executive, releasing you to understand and enjoy the full benefits of this essential business tool.

Share Your Experiences

Apr 2014

Almost as predictable as the coming of spring, the Obama Administration’s budget for fiscal year 2015 proposes additional user fees for business jets, observes Jack Olcott.

A Valuable Resource for Economic Development

Apr 2014

Broad segments of the public know little of Business Aviation or why companies choose to employ business aircraft to augment their need for travel. Using that lack of common understanding, politicians with populous agendas find users of Business Aviation easy targets for their all-to-often divisive rhetoric about fat cats and privileged executives. The facts surrounding Business Aviation clearly support a different message.

Business Aircraft Ownership & Ops

Apr 2014

Forming a separate company to provide Business Aviation services as well as inadequate tax planning are addressed in this first part of our overview of common mistakes in business aircraft ownership and operations.

Emerging From the Long Winter

Mar 2014

Business Aviation has been burdened by unprecedented events that suppressed our community for nearly a half decade, observes Jack Olcott.

These Business Turbines Use Propellers...

Mar 2014

Jack Olcott ruminates on a characteristic that has not occurred in nearly two decades: worldwide shipments of turboprop business aircraft and business jets were nearly identical last year.

Transportation Trends

Feb 2014

When reviewing their company’s directives and policies related to air transportation, Directors should be aware of recent trends that impact the productivity of employees, urges Jack Olcott.

Travel Wise

Feb 2014

Companies throughout the world realize that neither the Internet nor cell phones have replaced the requirement to conduct business face-to-face, asserts Jack Olcott.

Colgan Air 3407

Jan 2014

Aircraft accidents involving professional crews are rare, but each deserves a careful look by those responsible for the safety of a company’s flight department, asserts Jack Olcott.

The Ultimate Time Machine

Dec 2013

Robert Herjavec owns a Bombardier Challenger 604 and maintains two Magellan Jet Cards that give him access to charter aircraft for his business travels when his own aircraft is down for scheduled maintenance or otherwise not available. When asked why he is so committed to Business Aviation, he related advice given to him many years ago.

The Peaceable Skies of Business Aviation

Nov 2013

The safety record of jet-powered business aircraft flown by a two-person salaried crew is outstanding—on a par with the most experienced scheduled Airlines, observes Jack Olcott.

Category: Business Aviation and the Boardroom, Author: Jack Olcott
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