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Category: Business Aviation and the Boardroom, Author: Jack Olcott

Identifying the pressures and obligations on Board Members this section is dedicated to addressing the business aviation issues that really matter to the company executive, releasing you to understand and enjoy the full benefits of this essential business tool.

Look Inward, Board!

Oct 2014

Recent media coverage of lapses by the GM Board regarding defective ignition systems highlights the need for creative thinking and ongoing due diligence by Directors, observes Jack Olcott.

Common Need, One Market

Sep 2014

Whether new or pre-owned, business aircraft have a unique capability to address a company’s or entrepreneur’s fundamental need to travel, observes Jack Olcott.

Corporate Angel Network

Aug 2014

Companies offering an empty seat on their business aircraft to cancer patients in need of specialized treatment and care reflect the best of Business Aviation, observes Jack Olcott. Have you considered doing so?

Understanding & Using Business Aviation

Jul 2014

To obtain the fullest benefits from business aircraft, companies should seek the counsel of experts who are experienced with these sophisticated business tools, advises Jack Olcott.

Virtues of Control

Jun 2014

Management styles may differ, but individuals responsible for company performance seek to minimize uncertainty whenever possible. Managing the time/place dynamic is essential for business success, asserts Jack Olcott.

Scheduled Airlines & Business Aviation

Jun 2014

Complementary rather than competitive, Scheduled Airlines and Business Aviation provide efficient access by air throughout the USA, opines Jack Olcott.

Are Business Jets Boondoggles?

May 2014

Jack Olcott suggests that some Boards are abusing business aircraft, at the expense of shareholders, by underutilizing this vital business tool.

Business Aviation: Investment Tools

May 2014

As with any good investment, business aircraft must be utilized to produce returns for investors. Not taking advantage of what Business Aviation provides is an abuse, asserts Jack Olcott.

Share Your Experiences

Apr 2014

Almost as predictable as the coming of spring, the Obama Administration’s budget for fiscal year 2015 proposes additional user fees for business jets, observes Jack Olcott.

A Valuable Resource for Economic Development

Apr 2014

Broad segments of the public know little of Business Aviation or why companies choose to employ business aircraft to augment their need for travel. Using that lack of common understanding, politicians with populous agendas find users of Business Aviation easy targets for their all-to-often divisive rhetoric about fat cats and privileged executives. The facts surrounding Business Aviation clearly support a different message.

Category: Business Aviation and the Boardroom, Author: Jack Olcott
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