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TL ULTRALIGHT - Sirius and Sting

July 2008

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The newest member of our family, the TL-3000 Sirius, is a full carbon composite airframe high-wing. The project began in 2006, with a proof of concept aircraft shown in Friedrichshafen and Oshkosh last year. The first flights of the prototype took place in the end of May. Powered by the ROTAX series of aircraft engines and available with a wide range of advanced avionics options, the generous cabin space and clean lines of the Sirius destine it to become a strong complement to the Sting. While the aircraft is still in flight testing, early feedback proves that it will be a strong performer. With the first production pieces planned for delivery to Europe in the second half of this year, the LSA version is planned for roll out in the beginning of 2009. 

TL-2000 Sting
First introduced in 2001, the full carbon composite Sting is the premier low-wing aircraft from TL-Ultralight. It is powered by the ROTAX series of aircraft engines and is available with both fixed and retractable gear. Available with a wide variety of options including full airframe recovery parachute system, towing equipment and advanced avionics including full glass panel cockpit and autopilot options, the Sting suits even the most demanding pilots. Known for its superb visibility and flight characteristics, the Sting is delivered in Europe and many other regions of the world as an ULM. New for 2008, the latest evolution of the LSA version for the US market, the Sting S3, is receiving very positive reviews in the very competitive LSA market.

About TL Ultralight
TL-Ultralight s.r.o. was established in 1989 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. During its almost 20 year history, more than 1.000 aircraft have been delivered to over 30 countries around the world. Dedicated to continuous improvement and quality, using only high quality components and the latest technology, TL-Ultralight’s leading edge aircraft are flown with satisfaction literally all over the world. More than 500 of our most popular models, the TL-96 Star and TL-2000 Sting are flying today. The newest member of our family the TL-3000 Sirius, a full carbon composite high wing model, is currently in flight testing. Earlier models from TL-Ultralight included the TL1 and TL2 powered parachutes, a full composite fuselage powered trike the TL-22 Duo, the high-wing TL-32 Typhoon, as well as the very successful and popular to this day high-wing, the TL-132 and later TL-232 Condor.

Today with about 85 employees and a production rate of around 100 aircraft per year, the company’s facilities include more than 10.000 square meters of engineering, administration, manufacturing and hangar facilities. With the rich tradition and history of aviation in the Czech Republic and all facilities located directly at Hradec Kralove International Airport (100km east of Prague) on its 2.400 meter paved runway, TL-Ultralight is ideally located to service its European and worldwide customers. first flight - May, 2008

Contact: TL-ULTRALIGHT s.r.o.
Airport, building 84 503 41 Hradec Kralove CZECH REPUBLIC www.tl-ultralight.cz sales@tl-ultralight.cz tel: +420 495 218 910 fax: +420 495 213 378

O More information - www.tl-ultralight.cz



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