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LYCOMING Launches Thunderbolt Engine Series - Engines

September 2008

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LYCOMING Launches Thunderbolt
Engine Series

- Lycoming Engines Launches Thunderbolt Signature Series TIO-360-EXP

In mid-July, Lycoming Engines, launched the TIO-360-EXP Thunderbolt engine. The Signature TIO-360-EXP is a non-certified turbo-normalized intercooled fuel injected gasoline engine that is nominally rated at 180HP from sea level to greater than 20,000 feet altitude.

The engine is approved for use on ASTM D910 100LL and Lycoming approved aviation grade 91/96UL unleaded fuels specified in Service Instruction 1070 without performance restriction. Future approval for use of EN228 and ASTM D4814 automotive based fuels with supplemental Lycoming specifications for safe operation in aviation applications is planned upon completion of further evaluation.

The Thunderbolt Signature TIO-360 is built upon the FAA Type Certified IO-360 product line. The Lycoming IO-360 series engines are four-cylinder, direct-drive, horizontally opposed, air-cooled models.

In the Signature TIO-360, the turbo and intercooler have been optimally packaged in order to allow the TIO-360 to occupy a similar space as many IO-360 models. The Signature TIO-360 is another example of Lycoming Engines’ commitment to providing the experimental aircraft enthusiast with the ultimate power plant solution.

About Thunderbolt
Launched in April 2006, Lycoming Thunderbolt Engines includes engines ranging from the rugged O-235 to the legendary IO-720. Customers may choose from a variety of available fuel systems, ignition systems and performance enhancements, including component balancing, cylinder flow matching, increased compression, tuned induction, and turbo-charging. Finishing options include chrome and custom colors.

O More information on Thunderbolt engines is available at www.mytbolt.com

O More information is available at www.lycoming.com



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