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BELL -AGUSTA BA609 Second Prototype Flies

January 2007

Category: GA Buyer Europe Magazine

Author: Heli News


- Much Awaited Flight Lasts 52 minutes

Bell/Agusta BA609 a/c 60002 performed its first flight in November at AgustaWestland’s facility at the Italian Air Force airfield at Cameri, Italy.

The rotorcraft performed left and right peddle turns, forward and aft flight maneuvers, several take-offs and landings, nacelle position changes and stability testing during the flight which lasted 52 minutes. Further flight test activities will take place during the next few months.

BA609 a/c 60003 is already at the AgustaWestland facility in Cameri and a/c 60004 is on the assembly line in Fort Worth, Texas. Bell/Agusta will produce a total of four prototype tiltrotor aircraft for flight-testing in the U.S. and Italy. BA609 a/c 60001 is continuing to undergo flight test activities at Bell’s Flight Research Center in Arlington, Texas, and to date has accumulated over 100 hours of flight test time.

Dual European and FAA certification is planned in 2010 with military qualification and deliveries following soon after.

O More information visit - www.bellagusta.com


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