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CIRRUS Announces SRS Light Sport Aircraft - FEATURED AIRCRAFT

September 2007

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CIRRUS Announces SRS
Light Sport Aircraft

- Expands the Company’s Fun Factor

On the heels of its successful unveiling of "the-jet" and the launch of its SR22-G3, Cirrus Design Corporation, Duluth, MN, in co-operation with Fk Lightplanes of Speyer, Germany, announced at EAA AirVenture, the CIRRUS SRS (or SR Sport)– an expected addition to CIRRUS' already popular line of personal transportation aircraft. The SRS will take advantage of the new Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) regulations.

According to CIRRUS, the SRS will be an extension of the company's current product line for people who would like a CIRRUS but are specifically interested in sporty, recreational, or entry level missions. With the addition of "the-jet" and the SRS, CIRRUS now offers additional aircraft, with equally competitive price points, as their current line. The new aircraft allows for easier entry into the personal aviation market.

CIRRUS said the SRS will be a lightweight aircraft with a moderate cruise speed of about 120 kts. – the maximum limit for LSAs. Ergonomics, along with modern avionics, single-power lever and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™) align with the CIRRUS philosophy of comfort, safety and, in this case, lively performance.

"For years we have talked about how we, as an industry, needed to introduce more people to flying," said CIRRUS Chairman and CEO Alan Klapmeier. "We believe CIRRUS has been quite successful at opening the doors of aviation through our current SR product line. The SRS is yet another example of how seriously we take this responsibility, providing a high customer value product that is easier to fly, more comfortable, loaded with safety features – all at an extremely affordable cost.” Klapmeier added, “My first flight in this aircraft was so much fun I didn’t want to land.”

For the last four years, CIRRUS has been evaluating two-seat planes from European manufacturers – the hotbed of development for this type of aircraft. The SRS will be based on the Fk14 Polaris–one of many fine European aircraft that have been cultivated in an intensely competitive environment. The Fk14 Polaris was not developed in a vacuum but has emerged as the best in its class.

About the Fk14 Polaris
The construction of the Polaris began in 1998 with the goal of rounding off the B&F range of products with a high-performance cruiser. The main wing structure with its special Fowler flap system was developed by Otto Funk in cooperation the University of Stuttgart using its laminar wind tunnel. The rest of the air frame was designed by Peter Funk.

Klapmeier added, "The relationship we have developed with Fk Lightplanes allows us to rapidly offer cost efficient, sporty, entry-level aircraft for sport and recreation enthusiasts and basic training. And our worldwide service and support infrastructure will make the SRS even more appealing."

President of Fk Lightplanes Peter Funk stated, “We are excited to be working with Cirrus on this project. CIRRUS has emerged as a leader in aviation, and we are proud to be associated with the company.”

Preliminary Specifications and Description

- Composite Construction
- Electric flaps
- Low wing for better visibility
- Large one-part cabin
- Large baggage compartment
- Removable wings
- Trailer able 

- Cirrus Airframe Parachute System
- 4-point safety harness
- Fuel tank system outside of crumple zone
- Low stall speed

- Height- 6.9 ft.
- Length-18.7 ft.
- Wingspan- 29.8 ft
- Interior width- 45 in.

- ROTAX 912S (100 bhp)
- Fuel capacity- 18.6 US Gal.
- Fuel Burn- 3.8 GPH
- Cruise- 120 KCAS (LSA max limit)
- Useful load- 400 LB. (min)

O More information about the Fk14 Polaris visit - www.fk-lightplanes.com

O More information visit - www.CIRRUSdesign.com


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