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Cleaning & Care - Anti-Corrosion


ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula, is a state of the art, anti-corrosion/lubricant compound, that has been specifically designed for the Aero Space Industry. It can be described as an ultra thin fluid film compound which must be applied on a periodic basis. ACF-50 actively penetrates through the corrosion deposits to the base of the cell where it emulsifies and encapsulates the electrolyte, lifting it away from the metal surface. ACF-50 then dispells this moisture and provides an atmospheric barrier which prevents any further moisture contact, thereby keeping the cell inactive. This compound continues to actively penetrate and "creep" into the tightest seams, lap joints, micro cracks and around rivet heads, dissipating the moisture, even salt water, in these corrosion prone areas. These unique abilities of ACF-50 remain effective for up to two years, gradually disappearing as it is chemically consumed.

Engines - Engines & Engine Accessories

Engines & Engine Accessories

Cessna 172: Lycoming O320 H2AD. Superior Millenium overhauled unit by Norvic Aero Engines . .1265 hours, overhauled in Nov 2005. Complete turn key engine, ready to install. 5950 plus vat if applicable.

Seneca 1, left and right hand engines. Both complete. L/H had slight shock load.both engines over 2000 hours. Get them overhauled, then fit them to your plane and keep it flying, then sell your old cores??3500 each plus vat if applicable

Contact ian +44 (0) 1375 891165 email ian@aeroservices.co.uk

Maintenance & Repair - UK


CAA M3 Approved Organization for maintenance of single and twin engined aircraft.

Propeller - Service & Overhaul

Service & Overhaul

Fully EASA 145 approved, we are able to offer overhaul and repair facilities for your propeller, be it a simple fixed pitch or a multi blade turbine.

We provide an honest and reliable service, a top quality product is produced when we say it will be and at the right price.

Supplier Info

About General Aeroservices Components Ltd.

Welcome to General Aero Services, fully approved under EASA 145 and Part M. Our company is split into two operations, propeller overhaul and repair and the other being aircraft maintenance.


Thurrock Airfiled
RM16 3HX
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1375 891 165
Fax: +44 (0) 7860 383 883

Contact: Ian Chaplin

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