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Aircraft Anti-Ice & De-Icer

Aircraft De Icer products help stop aircraft from becoming immobile due to freezing conditions. Products inlcude de icer fluids and boots.

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Aero-Sense (4144)



Aero-Sense is a Belgium based company manufacturing anti-icing- de-icing and specific chemicals for the aeronautical industries. We offer a wide range of certified and aviation approved products. Production- packaging and labeling is according to European Health and Safety regulations. Every delivery comes with the technical data sheets and certificates. Deliveries throughout Europe and the rest of the world are prompt and right on time. Our company motto says it all “your reliable partner in aviation chemicals”- we stand for top quality products- client first service and worldwide on-time deliveries.

CAV Aerospace Inc. (5637)
CAV Aerospace Inc.



CAV Aerospace is home to the TKS Weeping Wings ice protection system- widely recognized as the most effective ice protection available for today's General Aviation aircraft. CAV Aerospace serves the general aviation community and original equipment manufacturers through the engineering and application of the TKS Weeping Wing on existing and in-development aircraft.