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Aircraft Batteries for Sale

Find Aircraft Batteries for sale in our directory which includes manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality lead-acid batteries. Product lines include valve regulated (sealed) lead-acid batteries (VRB) for aircraft, marine, medical, telecommunications, emergency backup, and photovoltaic applications as well as flooded lead-acid batteries for commercial and military aircraft. Battery manufacturers products are available to all types of Jet, Turboprop, piston and rotor aircraft used throughout the world.

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6 Aircraft Batteries for Sale found

Aircraft Spruce & Speciality Co. (4108)

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need- including pilot supplies and aircraft parts- always at the lowest prices. Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft including the Lancair- Vans Aircraft- Cozy- Starduster and Europa- as well as factory built parts for Cessna- Piper- Beech- and Mooney. Products include Garmin avionics- tools- charts- propellers- spruce- software- instruments- aircraft engines- aviation headsets- landing gear components- and composite materials.

Concorde Battery Corp. (1009)

Concorde Battery Corporation is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. The present product lines include valve regulated (sealed) lead-acid batteries (VRB) for aircraft- marine- medical- telecommunications- emergency backup- and photovoltaic applications as well as flooded lead-acid batteries for commercial and military aircraft. Concorde is committed to the proposition that the customer deserves the best performing and highest quality product. Our batteries are tailored to the application rather than make the designer settle for what is available. It is this commitment - to meet the needs of the customer - that sets Concorde apart.

Gill Battery
Gill Battery


The Gill Electric Company was founded by Mr. Lawrence Gill in 1920, in Redlands, California, where the factory remains today. At that time, Gill Electric was manufacturing lead-acid batteries for the automotive industry. During the war years, Gill manufactured batteries for military ground vehicles and aircraft; some of these batteries are still in production today. Gill Electric improved the drycharged process which provides a fresh charged product when the electrolyte is added. Gill has become the OEM "original equipment battery" for Raytheon, Cessna, LearJet, Mooney, Piper, Ayres, Airtractor, Maule, Schweizer and others in the aviation industry and Gill continues to be the industry's choice for quality battery products.

Global Aviation + Piper Parts Limited (4782)

Global Aviation + Piper Parts is the leading international supplier of aircraft parts and accessories in the General Aviation sector. With more than 40 years market experience and resulting from the merging of three European aircraft parts suppliers (Cooper European Aircraft Parts Calden- RAS Parts Monchengladbach and Piper & CSE Aircraft Parts Shoreham) we operate from three offices within Europe from which we supply Europe and the rest of the world.

LAS Aerospace Ltd (3987)
LAS Aerospace Ltd



LAS Aerospace (formerly Light Aero Spares Ltd) is a privately owned business that was originally founded by owner Stephen Saywell in 1982 and has been at the forefront of supporting the Sport and General Aviation market since then. Stephen still remains Chairman- with the day to day running of the Company being overseen by Scott Powell in the role of Chief Executive- backed by a team of 20 sales and warehouse staff. Today- the company is expanding into the commercial aviation arena- specialising in consumables and rotables for the British Aerospace ATP- 146 / RJ and ATR.

R. F. Saywell Limited (317)
R. F. Saywell Limited



Saywell International, formerly RF Saywell, was founded in 1946 by Ron Saywell. Originally offering spares support for “Gypsy” engine powered aircraft, Saywell International now supports an extensive range of both modern and legacy aircraft types and has become a leading supplier to the world’s major and regional airlines. With an inventory of more than 750,000 different consumable, rotable and airframe part numbers ready for immediate delivery, the business has evolved to become one of the largest independent aviation parts distributors in the world. We specialise in the supply of aircraft spares and consumables as well as the repair, exchange and overhaul of rotable components too.