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Aircraft Brakes for Sale

Aircraft Brakes need servicing regularly and may need to be replaced to ensure flight safety. There are different brake elements and functions including aircraft disc brakes in the landing gear which are used to brake the wheels while touching the ground. Aircraft brakes are operated hydraulically or pneumatically. Thrust reversers can also be used to allow thrust from the engines to slow the aircraft. And air brakes which work by increasing drag. All the companies listed can provide relevant advice and products for most general aviation needs.

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8 Aircraft Brakes for Sale found

Adams Aviation Supply Company Limited (884)

Adams Aviation has been supplying items in support of the aviation industry since 1968- offering an ever increasing level of expertise- an expanding portfolio of products and a commitment to customer satisfaction unequalled in the aviation community. Unlike many companies in this market we strive to provide items through direct distributorships- offering the closest possible link between the manufacturer and the user- avoiding the commissions added by sub-distributors.

Airtime Plane Trading Ltd. (7727)
Airtime Plane Trading Ltd.



Our aim is simple - achieve the right balance of selling your aircraft: - At the best price - In the shortest time - With a minimum of hassle - And at a competitive commission rate.

APS Brakes (5405)
APS Brakes



Aviation Products Systems- Inc. has been manufacturing 'BLACKSTEEL' brakes for the past decade. During that time- we've developed some of the best general aviation aircraft brake discs available. If you don't see the 'BLACKSTEEL' logo then it isn't an APS original brake.

Desser Tire & Rubber Co

Desser Tire & Rubber Company, LLC was started in 1920 in Los Angeles, California. Over the next three-quarters of a century, Desser has been in all aspects of the tire industry and has handled all types of rubber in addition to aircraft tires. Over the last 20 years, Desser has slowly withdrawn from other types of rubber products to become the leader in the aircraft tire market. In 1989, Desser opened it's Memphis warehouse facility to answer the demand of its customers in the eastern USA. With Los Angeles and Memphis warehouses, Desser can deliver products to most addresses in the United States in two days. Today, Desser is known as the market leader in aircraft tires and tubes, providing over 100,000 aircraft tires and tubes annually in over 85 countries. And our friendly, well trained staff will handle all of your needs.

Parker Aerospace
Parker Aerospace


Parker Aerospace is a global leader in flight control, hydraulic, fuel, and pneumatic systems and components for aerospace and other high-technology markets. Its products are used on aircraft manufactured throughout the world today including: • Commercial transports • Military fixed-wing planes • Regional and business aircraft • Helicopters

Preferred Airparts- LLC. (1358)

Preferred Airparts is a leading supplier of aircraft parts from puddle jumpers to jets- including rotor wing. Cessna parts are still the mainstay here at Preferred as we constantly buy new surplus inventories. The only thing changing is that we now have more parts for your aircraft- be it single- twin- jet or rotor wing. Several acquisitions that have expanded our scope of parts even more include Embraer- Eurocopter- Bell- and Piper Mirage/Malibu just to name a few.

Tost Flugzeuggerätebau (1407)
Tost Flugzeuggerätebau



65 years of safety in flying! Tost products are manufactured with EASA approval and comply with the highest quality and safety standards. They are well tested and approved on the field.

Watts Aviation Services LTD (1655)
Watts Aviation Services LTD



As the authorised distributor for Goodyear- Michelin- Condor and McCreary as well as stocking Dunlop tyres Watts Aviation work very closely with all it's suppliers to ensure the link between manufacturer and end user us maintained to the highest levels of service and support. Both Goodyear & Michelin alone have more than one hundred years of experience in building tyres and with such renowned and respected names quality and product knowledge is assured.