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Aircraft Propeller Sales & Service

Aircraft propellers are used by piston and turboprop aircraft. They work by converting rotary motion from piston engines, turboprops or electric motors to provide propulsive force. Classic aircraft propellers were carved in wood but most modern propellers are made from metal or high-technology composite materials.

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4 Aircraft Propeller Sales & Service found

Avia Propeller s.r.o (1851)
Avia Propeller s.r.o



Introducing a family of aircraft propellers and propulsion systems to serve the global regional and general aviation market.

Diemech Turbines
Diemech Turbines


Diemech Turbines was founded in 1991. Diemech Turbines started with minor repairs to the GE Walter 601 turbine and gradually evolved into major repairs to various airframes, GE Walter turbines, and propellers. Any kits for these engines are offered by our partner, Turbine Solution Group. Diemech Turbines started manufacturing equipment and parts to support its products. Vast experience was gained through the many years leading to the opening of Turbine and Propeller shop in the USA for the IRAN (inspect and repair as necessary). Diemech Turbines with the support of many domestic companies, now manufacture parts to support the non FAA certified markets. Currently, Diemech Turbines overhauls GE Walter Turbines and Avia propellers, as well as 300 hour inspections.

MT Propeller (1487)
MT Propeller



Our service includes Maintenance- Overhaul and Distribution of products made by McCauley- Hartzell- Woodward- Sensenich- Hamilton- Dowty- Avia and Edo-Aire and the Service of our own MT-Propeller products operated in Europe- Africa and the Middle East.

Sensenich Propellers (4330)
Sensenich Propellers



Sensenich Propeller was established in 1932 to manufacture fixed pitch wood aircraft propellers for the growing aviation market. In 1949 we began to manufacture wood propellers for the burgeoning airboat market. Aluminum propellers for aircraft was added to our prodcuct line in the 1950’s. During the 1960’s the use of UAV’s became prevalent and Sensenich was right there with propellers for the new industry. In 1999 We began our highly succesful line of ground adjustable composite propellers for Airboat- Aircraft and UAV’s.