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Aircraft Registration & Title Companies

Aircraft Registration companies support clients and individuals through the sometimes complex aviation registration process. They can offer best practice and a wealth of insight into the legal processes required to ensure that aircraft are registered correctly and quickly.

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4 Aircraft Registration & Title Companies found

AIC Title Service LLC (4139)
AIC Title Service LLC



Excellence in Aviation Title and Escrow Services. With over 250 years of combined experience our staff is among the world’s most professional and knowledgeable in handling both domestic and international transactions. Excellence in aviation title and escrow services is in the management of detail- and at AIC Title Service- we manage each and every detail of your transaction personally professionally and promptly.

Aircraft Guaranty Title & Trust (309)

AGC has been in business since 1989 and provides Fiduciary service for several hundred trusts- corporations- and limited liability companies- which hold title to aircraft located in fifty-two different countries. AGC is an accepted Trustee service provider for numerous worldwide financial institutions including SüdLeasing (Landesbank Baden-Wüttemberg)- AL Aviation Leasing GmbH (GEFA – SOCIETE GENERALE Bank of France)- General Electric European Lease & Finance Services (GE Capital-London)- AERO FINANZ (Diskont und Kredit AG/Disko Leasing GmbH)- and “Merrill Lynch” Equipment Finance.

International Air Service (3198)
International Air Service



International Air Services- Inc. is a professional aircraft registration company. International Air Services- Inc. or IAS specializes in providing individual trust agreements to non U.S.A. citizens to enable them to legally register their aircraft on the American Federal Aviation Administration N register. We have been registering aircraft for non U.S.A. citizens since 1978. Our first customer was a non-American citizen FAA inspector. And we currently have non-American FAA inspectors as our client/trustors.

Wright Brothers Aircraft Title (1448)

Wright Brothers Aircraft Title is a provider of aircraft title management and escrow services for all types of aircraft. Doing business both domestically and around the globe- Wright Brothers offers quick- personalized service.