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Aircraft Safety & Survival Equipment

Aicraft Safety Equipment covers a wide range of kit required for emergencies during flight. It includes fire extinguishers, flight data recorders, torches, slides, waterproof strobes and runway lights.Companies which specialize in Aircraft Survival Kit offer a full range of equipment for rental or sale including rafts, immersion suits, E.P.I.R.B.'s (Floating emergency distress beacons) and life jackets

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4 Aircraft Safety & Survival Equipment found

Aircraft Spruce Europe

Aircraft Spruce Europe has grown rapidly from its start in our small garage in 2007. We now supply thousands of aircraft owners, pilots, maintenance organisations, as well as the majority of european sport aircraft manufacturers with quality aircraft parts and materials. Aircraft Spruce Europe is commited to building the most efficient supply chains and customer service for the sport aviation market. Count on us when you are looking for aircraft parts! We will not disappoint you.

Globalstar, Inc


SPOT offers peace of mind by allowing you to track your aircraft, notify friends and family of your GPS position and status, mark waypoints, track your progress on Google Maps or notify rescue officials in an emergency.

Mendelssohn Pilot  Supplies (1318)
Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies



MENDELSSOHN Pilot Supplies, a trading name of GPS Europe Ltd. supply a vast range of aviation equipment and avionics from their Edinburgh warehouse / pilot shop. Our aim is to sell high quality aviation equipment for the lowest possible price.

Survival Products Inc. (3520)
Survival Products Inc.



Survival Products- Inc. established in 1970- is a company staffed with personnel having many years of private/commercial/military aviation and marine experience in servicing- engineering- and manufacturing of survival emergency equipment including our complete line of life rafts- vests- slides- etc.