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Helicopter Organizations

Helicopter Aviation Organizations support those involved in the business of buying, selling, owning and managing helicopters. They provide information on all aspects of ownership and offer meetings, forums and the opportunity to lobby governments on proposals relevant to Business Aviation. The Aviation Directory lists the contact details for the British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA), British Helicopter Advisory Board, (BHAB), British Helicopter Association (BHA), European Helicopter Association (EHA), Helicopter Association International (HAI).

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3 Helicopter Organizations found

British Helicopter Association (BHA)

The BHA is the non-profit trade organisation that represents the UK’s civil helicopter industry to government departments and international bodies. Its main aim it is to promote the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of rotorcraft throughout the UK.

European Helicopter Association (EHA)

The Aviation Safety rules are a small part of the enormous European Challenges, and it is our duty to contribute to overcome them. We, at EHA, consider extremely important the repercussions of these rules on our members and by providing expertise to the different working groups we wish to assure that the experience and data provided by all the operators will be taken into account when the EASA rule makers will prepare and write the regulations, because, once approved by the EU Commission, modifying them will take again a long time, affecting the operators of which interest we are defending.

Helicopter Club of Great Britain

The Helicopter Club of Great Britain was founded in 1966 to bring together helicopter pilots, owners and enthusiasts. Our objectives are to encourage and support the use of the helicopter as a means of social, private, business, corporate and emergency transport and to generate a wider interest in the sporting use of helicopters in the UK; also to promote safety and encourage awareness of environmental needs and to represent helicopter owners and pilots to Government Authorities. We organise helicopter events throughout the year including the British Helicopter Championships.