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Helicopter Training

Helicopter Training companies offer a range of courses and exams for the inexperienced and professional helicopter pilot.

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3 Helicopter Training found

Cotswold Helicopter Centre (6409)

Based at Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire in the heart of the Cotswolds, we are the UK home of the Guimbal Cabri and offer personalised helicopter training courses for both private and professional licences as well as bespoke charter services and aircraft sales. Our friendly and efficient team makes chartering a helicopter or learning to fly hassle free and fun. Whether you are looking for a short flight experience, a zero to commercial pilot course or a transfer to a sporting event, choose us to experience the Cotswold Helicopter Centre level of service and safety. Do visit our meet the team page to see who will be looking after you when you fly with us.

Helicentre Aviation
Helicentre Aviation


Helicentre Aviation has specialised in private and professional helicopter pilot training, charter, aerial survey and aircraft sales and management in the UK for over ten years. The staff pride themselves on their professionalism and attention to detail, and with a large fleet of aircraft and an excellent team of pilots, the company can offer a complete service. Their extensive experience in helicopter charter means Helicentre Aviation can arrange efficient and cost effective public transport services, whether for business, sporting events, filming/photography or special occasions.

P & B Helitrade (2323)
P & B Helitrade



P&B Helitrade GmbH is an official Dealer for Robinson Helicopters since 1991. Located in Austria (Europe). Dealing with brand new and used R22, R44 and R66. Already sold more then 300 Robinson Helicopters!