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This low time (TTSN 779 hours) Enstrom 280FX three-seat piston helicopter is offered for sale on behalf of the owner.  Dennis Kenyon & Steve Payne Roberts are type experienced professionals with Dennis having been the Enstrom factory’s appointed European Distributor in the 1970s and 1980s and Shobdon Airport based Steve having serviced & supported the Enstrom type for thirty-five years. 

Manufactured by the Enstrom Menominee based factory in May 1990 as Serial Number 2056, this FX model was delivered to its first Japan based owner.  Local scheduled maintenance has been comprehensive and complied with national and manufacturer’s requirements.  The helicopter was then imported to the UK in 2003 by the type-experienced firm of PR trading when the work required for UK Civil Aviation Authority certification for public transport was carried out.  Total flying time since new is just 779 flying hours.  At 545 hours a tail-down landing damaged the Tail Rotor strike tabs and required the transmission & blade assembly to be replaced. 

TRAINING.  Flying instruction is available for ‘Ab Initio’ or type rating training as required.   

FINANCE & INSURANCE.  Finance is readily available on this helicopter and interested purchasers will be introduced to suitable companies on request.  Similarly Insurance is generally available on competitive terms with major banking finance houses.  Rates depend on individual cases and quotations can be provided on a direct to customer basis. 

Dennis and Steve are always available to offer advice on likely operating costs, maintenance, hangarage. type training and ownership & planning matters.


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    TT: 779


  • Maintenance & Inspections
    FACTORY & LOCAL SERVICE SUPPORT. The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is based at the twin County Airport, Menominee, Michigan. The company began manufacturer of the F28 piston series in the mid-1960s and the 28/280 Shark series has been continuously in production since. The early non-turbo helicopters were replaced by the F28F and 280FX Shark turbo charged versions. Both models are in current production with the FX base price of $460,000 US Dollars. Factory after-sales service support is excellent with comprehensive parts supply and service information mostly by return. In the UK there are four CAA approved maintenance businesses with type experience. This helicopter has always been hangared & continuously maintained by PR Trading for the last seventeen years. The company is available to continue service for the new owner at Shobdon Airport or elsewhere by arrangement.
    PERFORMANCE. Being turbo charged and developing 225 BHP, the Enstrom FX copes well with low density situations. Maximum boost (Manifold Pressure) is 39.5 Hg. Rate of climb at ISA maximum all up weight conditions is an impressive 1450 ft per minute. Boost pressure is set at 29 Hg in Straight & Level flight, and mixture leaned to 1650 degrees EGT for best range (1550 EGT for best power) TAS at 2000 feet is about 100 mph. Velocity Never Exceed,(VNE) at sea level is 117 mph. Fuel tank capacity is 40 US Gals (240 litres) and when leaned as per the Flight Manual, the FX gives 230 nm range and 2 hrs 20 mins endurance. The 32 ft diameter Main Rotor disc has a disc loading of 3.23 lbs per square ft. HIGE is 13,200 ft. HOGE being 8,700 ft. Service ceiling is 12,000 ft.

    AUOTOROTATION & SAFETY HANDLING. The type is especially noted for its ease of handling for general flying and when practicing engine failure exercises. At average take-off weights and with a professional level of training, the Enstrom FX can be flown to a safe, zero speed, skids-on touch down landing from 400 feet AGL or at 40 knots from any height over 30 feet

    COMPONENTS. Most Enstrom major components have a high finite, overhaul or inspection life. The three Main Rotor blades have infinite life being an ‘on-condition’ item backed by a five-year factory warranty when new. With the exception of the drive belt idler bearings (600 hours) the remaining components are lifed over 1000 hours with Tail Rotor blades at 3100 hours. The Lycoming 360 cubic inch turbo-charged engine life is 1500 hours. As at 779 hours airframe total time this engine has 720 hours to run. However, the Rayjay turbo charger (life 1000 hours) will require replacement in 220 flying hours. Especially note: The Enstrom does not have an overall 12 years calendar life.
    The M/R Hub spindles on this FX have 487 hours to run with the associated Lamiflex bearings due for calendar replacement in November 2022. It is recommended that the M/R hub be updated at that time with the later Air Wolf TT strap system.
  • Interior & Entertainment
    PASSENGER APPEAL. The 280 FX Shark has a wide (60 ins – 150 cms) upholstered cabin seating three persons abreast. (Pilot plus two pax) With modern headsets, the cabin is quiet (65 Pndb) and passenger to passenger conversation normal. Dedicated overhead and side pockets can be fitted for maps, navigation materials and personal items. The type has a dedicated 6.3 cubic feet and 100lbs, (45 Kgs) capacity luggage locker that will hold two family-sized suit cases plus some smaller items. (handbags etc) In America. the Greg Focella designed airframe was awarded “Fortune” magazine’s best designed industrial product of the year.
    External paint & body work is in virtually ‘as new’ condition with nil accident damage history. The cabin interior upholstery, carpets and panel trim are also unmarked and overall visual appearance is well above average for the year. Paintwork is finished in quality, industry standard ‘Allumigrip’ material.

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