2012 Agusta AW109SP for sale, England, United Kingdom

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Europe, United Kingdom - England

Aircraft Description

  • Synthetic Vision (SVS) HTAWS
  • 8.4’ Cockpit Central Display
  • VVIP 5/6 PAX (+1/2 Crew)
  • Weather Radar RDR 2000
  • 213 US Gal Fuel System
  • Emergency Float Provisions
  • Baggage Comp Extension
  • Excellent component life
  • No Accident History
  • Price (POA)

Both EASA Certified, Location UK & available immediately.

Please contact Hai Air for further details.

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TOTAL TI ME: 750hrs TT
  • Maintenance & Inspections
    Excellent component times remaining
    —Dual / Single IFR package
    —Pilot Flight/Navigation EFIS (2 displays)w/embedded FMS,
    —Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS,slip indicator and bug panel (rbp)
    —Co-pilot flight/navigation EFIS (2 displays) w/ embedded FMS,
    —Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS, slip indicator and bug panel (rbp)
    —EFIS pilot / co-pilot navigation synchronization switch (FMS data)
    —Electronic standby instrument system (ESIS)
    —Second radio management system (RMS) RTU-4210 Collins
    —Radio manager system (RMS) RTU-4210 Collins
    —VHF/am VHF-4000e (2 units)
    —VOR/ILS Nav-4500 Collins
    —Collins• DME-4000 Collins• Radio altimeter ALT-4000
    —Collins• Second attitude heading reference system (AHRS)
    —Second Air Data Unit (ADU)
    —Pilot GPS/SBAS CHELTON interfaced to EFIS/FMS
    —Co-pilot GPS/SBAS
    —CHELTON interfaced to EFIS/FMS
    —Digital audio control system(dacs) cobham additional cockpit panel
    —4-axis dual duplex digitalAFCS with integrated Flight Director
    —Second electronic clock
    —Second magnetic compass indicator
    —ELT C406-N HM Artex(w/ navigation interface module embedded)
    —8.4 Cockpit central Display
    —Enhanced Vision System (EVS) EVS-1500 Max-Vizon 8.4 display
    —Digital map EURONAV V EuronavAvionics interfaced to FMS on 8.4’ display
    —Weather Radar RDR 2000 Bendix/King (presented on EFIS)
    —Transponder (mode S) TRD-94 Collins
    —Attitude heading reference system (AHRS) w/ one dual AHRS control panel
    —Air data unit (ADU)
    —Digital audio control system (DACS) Cobham w/ additional cockpit panel
    —Magnetic sensor unit
    —LCD integrated display system (IDS)
    —Dual gas generator speed indicator (N1%)
    —Dual turbine outlet temperature indicator (TOT ̊c)
    —Dual torque meter indicator (TQ%)
    —Dual power turbine speed indicator (N2%)
    —Rotor speed indicator (NR%)
    —Transmission oil pressure (psi) and temperature ( ̊c) indicator
    —Two engine oil pressure (psii)and temperature ( ̊c) indicators
    —Two fuel pressure indicators (psi)
    —Two fuel quantity indicators (kg)
    —Two fuel flow indicators (kg/ hr)
    —Two flight controls hydraulic system pressure indicators (psi)
    —Outside air temperature indicator ( ̊c)
    —Two AC voltmeters
    —Two DC voltmeters
  • Interior & Entertainment
    —VIP/Corporate interior –5 places
    —All seats crash-resistant covered with leather
    —4-point Shoulder Harness with Inertia reels and Safety Belts for all seats
    —Set of 3 drawers
    —Super Silent Soundproofing
    —Intercommunication system for passengers
    —Headset BOSE ANR type (qty5)
    —Cabin loudspeakers (qty2)
    —Air conditioning ECS (Environment Control System)
    —Reading lights, emergency lights, floor courtesy lights
    —Upper and Lower Air Vents
    —Floor Carpeting
    —Seat Covers
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    —Emergency floats provisions
    —213 us gal crash-resistant fuel system (in lieu of 152 US gal)
    —Baggage compartment extension (2.3m)
    —Engine compartment fire extinguisher (qty2)
    —Fuel Cap with Key-Lock
    —Pulsed Chip Detectors
    —Rotor Brake
    —Retractable/Rotating Landing Light (nose mounted)
    —Retractable/Rotating Landing Light (nose mounted)
    —Ground Equipment
    —Air Intake / Exhaust Covers
    —• Tow bar and chocks
    —Pitot covers
    —Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) and Technical Publications

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