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Aircraft Highlights

  • Basic weight 4290 KG
  • Fuselage structure ASSY (enhanced plus 7000K)
  • Multipurpose flight recorder dual power
  • 115VAC utility sockets 1200VA
  • Hoist BREEZE extended cable length
  • Cargo hook fixed part
  • Auxiliary fuel tank
  • HUMS
  • 2 Radar Altimeter RT300
  • 2 GPS SBAS
  • FMS
  • EFS complete provision and fixed parts
  • External video camera complete provision and fixed parts
  • 4  Axis enhanced FD
  • Active vibration control system omni utility
  • Air Conditioning
  • Primus 660 Radar

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Asian Sky Group


    Engines Model: PT6C-67C X2
    Total Hours: 220 Since New


  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Kit Aux O/H Panel Instl
    HF Complete Provision
    Ice Detector Electrical Provision
    Limo Window Structural Provision
    Upper Transparents Instl
    Exterior Markings Instl (China)
    Fuselage assy (enhanced plus)
    Fuselage structure assy (enhanced plus)
    Free turbine turboshaft PT6C-67C
    DC Generator
    Ejector duct installation
    Main gearbox assy
    Cooler MGB oil cooling
    Fan MGB oil cooling
    nput shaft
    Tail rotor drive instl
    Intermediate gearbox assy
    Tail gearbox assy
    Main rotor assy
    Main rotor damper
    Main rotor blade assy
    Tail rotor assy CHEVRON
    Tail rotor elastomeric damper
    Tail rotor blade assy
    Main left tank
    Main right tank
    Booster pump
    Fuel probe instl (ELDEC)
    Fuel control unit
    Secondary probe
    Main probe
    Main rotor actuator N 1 (mark II)
    Main rotor actuator N 2 (mark II)
    Main rotor actuator N. 3 (mark II)
    Tail rotor actuator (mark II )
    Power control module N 1
    Power control module N 2
    Hydraulic power supply N 1 (main)
    Hydraulic power supply N. 2 (main)
    Hydraulic power supply N 3 (aux)
    Electric motor driver hydraulic pump
    Landing gear control valve assy
    Wheel brake reservoir assy
    Wheel brake parking valve
    Nose retracting actuator assy
    Nose wheel assy
    Nose tyre
    Main retracting actuator assy
    Main wheel assy
    Main brake assy
    Pilot Master caution/waming assy
    Copilot Master caution/waming assy
    STBY Battery
    DC generator control unit N. 1
    DC generator control unit N. 2
    Overhead switch panel assy
    Overhead circuit breaker panel assy
    Power Distribution Panel 1
    Power Distribution Panel 2
    Emergency light
    Position light, tail
    Anti-collision light, tail
    Magnetic compass
    Flat panel display unit
    Display controller
    Remote instrument controller
    Left pitot static tube
    Right pitot static tube
    Modular radio cabinet N 2
    Coupler marker beakon
    Air data module
    Modular avionic unit N 2
    Attitude heading reference unit N 2
    Modular radio cabinet N 1
    Coupler glideslope
    Coupler VOR
    Air data module
    Modular avionic unit N 1
    Attitude heading reference unit N. 1
    Antenna glide slope
    Antenna transponder
    Antenna DME ant
    Antenna ADF
    Antenna VHF pilot com
    Antenna VHF/AM
    Radio altimeter
    Cockpit Control Unit
    Multipurpose flight recorder dual power battery (RIPS)
    Flux valve N. 2
    Flux valve N. 1
    Multipurpose flight recorder dual power (ref 3G3106 P01311 /P0T314)
    FDR and RIPS variant (including FDR 142-090 instead of -142)
    Antenna radar altimeter (trasm)
    Antenna radar altimeter (rec)
    Antenna VOR (maked of two parts)
    Heating and forced ventilation instl (ENVIRO)
    Wiper motor converter RH
    Wiper motor converter LH
    Fire extinguisher A344
    Smoke detector
    Kit increased gross weight 7000 Kg
    Kit M/R blade painting scheme
    Kit blade tracking
    Kit active vibration control system omni utility
    Kit air conditioning
    Kit 4 axis enhanced f.d with phase 5
    Kit ICS cabin panel
    Kit 150 ft aural inhibit
    Kit mam battery 44ah M3 (20 cells)
    KIT 115VAC utility sockets 1200VA
    Hooks installation kit for headsets
    Kit furnishing with fibei liners
    Kit furnishing with fiber pilots liners
    Kit pilot/copilot chart holders
    Kit FISCHER pilot seats 5 point
    Kit baggage compartment anchor system
    Kit cargo restraint net
    Kit tirst aid
    Kit emergency locator trasmitter
    Kit hoist BREEZE extended cable lenght
    Cargo hook fixed part
    Cargo hook complete provision
    Kit auxiliary fuel tank
    Kit HUMS
    Kit strobe light on winglet
    Kit lighting external area
    Kit landing light SIRIO panel
    Kit flashlights
    Kit 2ND radar altimeter RT300
    Kit weather radar PRIMUS 660
    Kit GPS SBAS and FMS
    Kit 2nd GPS SBAS
    Kit footsteps pilot
    Kit footsteps passenger
    Kit acrylic windshields
    Kit bubble window
    Kit hinged storm window Ih
    Kit rotor brake
    Kit video module interface
    EFS complete provision
    EFS fixed parts
    External video camera complete provision
    External video camera fixed pans



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