2015 Airbus/Eurocopter EC 135P2+ for sale, United Kingdom

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Europe, United Kingdom

Aircraft Description

Manufactured in 2012 registered in 2015. Very well equipped Matte Grey VIP EC135 P2+. The aircraft has a full VIP layout which includes 4 black leather passenger seats.

  • Autopilot
  • Floats
  • Enhanced Sound Proofing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Traffic Advisory System

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Engine 1: 600hrs
Engine 2: 600hrs
    • GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin) copilot
    • GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin) pilot
    • Digital Audio Control System (DACS) AMU50 & control unit ACP53 (NAT), pilot & copilot
    • 2” stand-by horizon incl. emergency battery A1804DC (Goodrich)
    • MEGHAS dual (4xSMD45) Flight Control Display System (FCDS)
    • Avionics Package DP IFR GC GTN Series interconnection / wiring
    • Radar altimeter KRA405B (Honeywell) • MEGHAS sensor kit
    • Copilot static system
    • 3-axis Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS)
    • Transponder (Mode S) GTX 33 ES (Garmin)
    • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) DME4000
    • (Rockwell Collins) • Marker beacon receiver & lights KR21 (Honeywell)
    • Avionics / radio master switches (Eurocopter) • MEGHAS sensor kit
  • Interior & Entertainment
    • Black Upholstered Leather with Accent Stitching.
    • 4 passenger Club Configuration
    • 4x BOSE Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets
    • Passenger seats with 3-point safety belts
    • Rear Cabinet • Front Cabinet
    • Armrest in The Window Niche
    • Metal Placards
    • Retractable Coat Hooks in Rear Cabin
    • Headset Holder Metal Brushed
    • Crew Seats with 4-Point Safety Belts & Polished Metal Buckles
    • Cooling Box in The Front Cabinet
    Matte Black Finish
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Specific Equipment:
    • Reinforced rear landing gear cross tube
    • Landing & search light (450 W)
    • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT} incl. NAV option C406N HM (Artex)

    • First Aid Kit
    • Engine fire extinguishing system
    • Flashlight copilot side
    • Slant panel
    • Center console
    • Avionics compartment
    • Copilot flight controls
    • 7” copilot instrument panel with glare shield
    • Map case in copilot cockpit door
    • Map cases on instrument panel glare shield
    • Illuminated chart holder, pilot
    • Bleed air heating system
    • Battery (40 Ah, 24 VDC) ULM (Saft) instead of standard battery
    • Alternating Current System (50 VA)
    • Starter Generator

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