2008 Airbus/Eurocopter EC 135P2+ for sale, Mexico

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North America + Canada, Mexico

Aircraft Description


- Emergency Floatation System
- IFR Night Certified
- Engines enrolled on P&W Gold ESP programs 6 PAX interior

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Energy absorbing fuselage
Tail boom with fixed horizontal stabilizer and two end-plates
Vertical fin with faired-in fenestron
Upper deck with fittings for main gearbox, engines, hydraulic and cooling system
Cowlings for main transmission and engines
Skid-type landing gear with skid protectors, capable of taking ground-handling wheels
Long boarding steps, LH and RH Maintenance built-in steps and grips


Two Pratt & Whitney PW206B2 turbine engines equipped with:
- Fire detectors
- Electronic engine control (FADEC-BOX)
- Chip detectors with quick-disconnect plugs
- Over speed protection system
- Twin-engine OEI-training mode
Oil cooling and lubricating system with thermostatic valve
Crash resistant fuel system with a flexible bladder-type fuel main tank and supply tank (split into two sections)
Automatically controlled variable rotor speed system
Fuel tank filler flap, lockable

1 -S/N PCE-BJ0660, TSN 6,835
2 -S/NPCE-BJ0664, TSN 6,835
    Central Panel Display System (CPDS), consisting of: - Caution Advisory Display (CAD) with indication of:
    Caution and advisory information
    Fuel quantity indication
    - Vehicle and Engine Management Display (VEMD) with indication of:
    Engine parameters (N1-RPM, oil pressure, oil temperature, Turbine Outlet Temperature (TOT), engine/FADEC rep EEC failure and parameter code messages, self-diagnoses)
    FLI (First Limit Indicator) for TQ, TOT, N1 as analogue display
    Main transmission parameters (oil pressure, oil temperature)
    Dual ammeter (generator)
    Ammeter (battery)
    Dual voltmeter
    Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
    Parameters of optional equipment (e.g. internal long range fuel tank)
    Engine cycle counter (on flight report page)
    Clock (2’’)
    Magnetic compass
    Triple (rotor and engines) RPM-indicator (2’’)
    Standard instruments: (single pilot) - Encoding altimeter (3’’)
    - Airspeed indicator (3’’)
    - Vertical speed indicator (3’’)
    Warning unit:
    - Engine fire warning with fuel emergency shut-off - Warning lights
    - Aural warning
    Main switch panel:
    - DC power control
    - Digital engine control (FADEC)
    Pitot / static system with electrical heated pitot tube, pilot side
    Static pressure crossover system
    - Avionics Solution 3
    - Audio/Comm. Control system AS 3100-12 (Becker), copilot
    - Audio/Comm. Control system AS 3100-12 (Becker), pilot
    - Intercom amplifier IC 3100-4 (Becker)
    - Transponder (Mode S) GTX 330 (Garmin)
    - DME KN 63
    - DME indicator Honeywell KDI 572
    - Marker beacon receiver/lights KR 21 (Honeywell)
    - Avionics/Radio master switches
    - GPS/NAV/COM GNS 430 (Garmin), copilot, interfaced with FCDS
    - GPS/NAV/COM GNS 430 (Garmin), pilot, interfaced with FCDS
    - 2’’ stand-by horizon AI 804 DC (Goodrich), incl. emergency battery
    - Gyro-magnetic heading system Honeywell C14D
    - Avionics Solution 3 Interconnection / wiring
    - 3’’ airspeed indicator
    - 3’’ encoding altimeter
    - 3’’ VSI copilot
    - HSI copilot Honeywell KPI 552 - HSI pilot
    - 2nd directional gyro
    Avionics (Mandatory):
    - Radar altimeter KRA 45 B (Honeywell)
    - Radar altimeter indicator KMI 416
    - Copilot pilot static system (electrically heated) - IFR SAS
    ADF control unit CDF-552
    - ADF system DFS-43A (Chelton/Wulfsberg)
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Two rear hinged clam-shell doors
    Longitudinally adjustable energy absorbing pilot and copilot seats with head rest and 4-point safety belts with automatic locking system
    Cabin boarding grips (LH and RH)
    Interior paneling with integrated basic sound insulation
    Flight controls (pilot side)
    Engine controls with manual engine back-up system at pilot’s collective pitch lever
    Instrument panel with extension on pilot’s side and glare shield
    Ram-air and electrical ventilating system for cockpit and cabin
    Headset holder in the cockpit, rotatable
    Headset holder in the cabin
    Portable fire extinguisher
    Stowage net for first aid kit at the LH rear clam-shell door
    Flash light (torch)
    4 Mobile tie-down rings
    One-level cabin and cargo compartment floor with integrated rails
    Glazed canopy
    Two hinged cockpit doors with sliding window Map case in pilot’s door
    Two wide passenger sliding doors
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    General Equipment:
    - First aid kit
    - Engine fire extinguishing system
    - Slant panel
    - Center console
    - Copilot flight controls
    - 10’’ copilot instrument panel with glare shield
    - Map case in copilot door
    - Map cases on instrument panel glare shield
    - Bleed air heating system
    - Battery, type “Saft”, ULM, 40 Ah, 24 V instead of standard battery
    - Dual AC system
    - Starter/generator (2 x 200 A, 28 V DC) instead of standard generator
    Mission Equipment:
    - Landing & Search light, 450 W
    - ELT C406-N HM (Artex) incl. NAV. Opt.
    - Multicolor exterior painting instead of single color painting
    - Multifunction handle on the main gear box cowling (LH and RH)
    - Engine compressor wash kit
    - Tinted sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section
    - Tinted windows cockpit doors
    - Tinted windows passenger doors
    - Windshield wiper system
    - Air conditioning system for tropical environment
    - Rotor brake system
    - Covers for copilot flight controls
    - Cover kit for helicopter

    Mission Equipment:
    Emergency floats, fixed provisions
    - Illuminated signs “NO SMOKING/FASTEN SEAT BELT”
    - Emergency floats, detachable parts
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