2006 Airbus/Eurocopter EC 135P2 for sale, Monaco

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Europe, Monaco

Aircraft Description

Availability: Immediate; 

Mission: Corporate / News; 

Status In: operation; 

No incident History. Aircraft is in good condition. Offered with Valid C of A.; 
We offer the Aircraft : “As is” Ex-Works Europe

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    VHF Com. Garmin GNS 430 (*2)
    VFR SAS (VFR pitch/roll Stability
    Augmentation System)
    4” Artificial Horizon GH 12-391, Pilot
    Gyro Magnetic Heading System KCS 55A
    incl. KG-102A, KMT-112, KA-51B with HIS
    KI-525A pilot
    GPS/NAV/COM GNS 430 Pilot Garmin
    with I-panel annunciation/switch Unit
    MD41 (Midcontinent)
    Audio/Comm Control System Pilot-as
    3100-12 Becker
    Intercom select panel (ICS mode selector)
    Intercom Amplifier IC 3100-4 Becker
    Transponder (mode S) GTX 330 Garmin
    3-Avionics/radio Master Switches
    ELT C406 – HM (Artex) (incl NAV opt)
    Radar Altimeter KRA 405 B Honeywell
    Radar Altimeter indicator KNI 416
    2” Std-by Horizon AI 04 DC Goodrich with
    emergency battery
    GPS/NAV/COM GNS430 2nd system Co-Pilot
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Dual Flight Controls
    Double Cargo Hook System (FP)
    Cargo Hook Mirrors (FP)
    Camera for aerial filming and live transmission to
    ground: CINEFLEX HIDEF V14 (FP RP)
    High Adjustable pilot seat instead of Standard
    Engine Fire Extinguishing System
    Slant Panel
    Bleed Air Heating System
    Ventilation Extruder without copilot I-panel Extension
    Rotor Brake System
    Landing and Search Light 450W
    High Skid Landing Gear instead of Standard
    Fuel Management System
    Engine Compressor Washing Device
    Sliding Windows in Sliding Doors
    Tinted Sun Shades for Cockpit Windshield Roof Section
    Three forward passenger seats facing backwards
    Two rear passenger seats, facing forwards

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