2002 Airbus/Eurocopter EC 135P2 for sale, Spain

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Europe, Spain

Aircraft Description

Bankrupcy Sale

Enrolled on Pratt & Whitney ESP Gold Program.

  • Helinetworks International AB was declared bankrupt by Stockholm district court on the 20th of September 2021, whereby Attorney at Law Andreas Nordberg at Wesslau Söderqvist Advokatbyrå was appointed bankruptcy trustee. The company has, through subsidiaries, conducted helicopter operations in Marbella, Spain.  The bankruptcy estate for Helinetworks International AB hereby request offers on the helicopters Airbus Eurocopter EC 135P2 – S/N 0235, SE JUE and Bell 206BIII – S/N 1827, SE-HOZ, owned by the bankruptcy estate.
  • Written offers shall be made to Attorney at Law Andreas Nordberg no later than 28th of November 2021. However, the bankruptcy estate reserves the right to review offers freely as well as the right to cancel the offer procedure before the end of the stated offer period.
  • For further information, to schedule an appointment and/or to view and inspect the helicopter/s, or to order an invitation to submit an offer, please contact Andreas Nordberg by e-mail 

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AC/TTSN: 1180 Hours


Engine 1, PW206B2 (620 shp) TTSN: 1180 Hrs
Engine 2, PW206B2 (620 shp) TTSN: 1180 Hrs

  • Maintenance & Inspections
    Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)
    Valid until 2022-02-08
    COM 1 (8,33kHz) GTR225A Garmin
    COM 2 (8,33kHz) GTR225A Garmin
    ICS (2) AS3100-(12) Becker
    ICS Pax Becker
    NAV/GS/Marker (2) 634A Bendix/King
    Transponder MST 67A Bendix/King
    GPS KLN 90B Bendix/King
    ADF KDF806 Bendix/King
    Marker KA35A
    DME KDM 706A Bendix/King
    HSI (2) KPI 552 Bendix/King
    Artificial Horizon (2) GH-14-391 Honeywell
    STBY Horizon AI804DC Goodrich
    Radio Altimeter KRA 405B Bendix/King
    Headsets (7 seats) David Clark
    ELT C406-2HM Artex (Westco)
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Capacity: 1 pilot + 6 passengers
    Interior: Brown
    Exterior: White
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Varta NiCd 24V / 40AH Battery
    Electric Heated Pitot Tubes Pilot+Copilot
    Sliding Doors - both sides
    Sliding Window in the Copilot Door
    Dual Controls
    Anticrash Seats
    Windsheld Wipers
    Hydraulic Ground Handling Wheels
    Hoist fixed parts
    Cargo Hook fixed parts
    Full Cabin Cover
    EMS Equipment AEROLITE 135460-501
    First Aid Kit
    Engine Fire Extinguisher

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