1977 Bell 212 for sale, TX, United States

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North America + Canada, United States - TX

Aircraft Description

 Aircraft Total Time Since New: 625.6 Hours
 Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3 Twin Pack
 PT6T-3 PS61318: 625.6 TSN/828 Cycles
 PT6T-3 PS61319: 625.6 TSN/828 Cycles
 One Owner Since New/Always Hangar Kept
 IFR Certified and Configured
 All Inspections C/W by Bell CSF/8 Jan 2019
 All AD’s and ASB’s C/W by Bell CSF/8 Jan 2019
 Fresh Annual Inspection C/W Jan 2020
 Located Odessa, Texas

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  • Maintenance & Inspections
    C/W 8 JANUARY 2019
    Reference BHT-212-MM-1 Rev. 14 dated 26 Jun 2013
    50 Hours of Component Operation
    100 Hours/12 Months Inspection
    100 Hours/12 Months of Transmission Operation/Insp.
    100 Hours/12 Months of Inter. Gearbox Operation/Insp.
    100 Hours/12 Months of T/R Gearbox Operation/Insp.
    100 Hours/12 Months of Battery Syst. Operation/Insp.
    150 Hours of Starter Generator Operation/Insp.
    300 Hour Fin Spar Cap Inspection
    300 Hours/12 Months of Transmission Operation/Insp.
    300 Hours/3 Months of Driveshaft Operation/Insp.
    500 Hours/6 Months of Transmission Operation/Insp.
    600 Hours of Transmission Operation/Insp.
    600 Hours/12 Months of Driveshaft Operation/Insp.
    1000 Hours/12 Months of M/R Blade Operation/Insp.
    1200 Hours/24 Months of Component Operation/Insp.
    3000 Hour/5 Year Inspection
    24 Months of Flight Control Bolt Operation/Insp.
    Reference Manual #3017042 Rev 51.0 dated 9 Jul 2018
    Completed 25 hour, 50 hour/6 month, 100 hour, 150 hour, 150 hour/6 month, 150 hour/12 month, 300 hour, 300 hour/12 month, 600 hour, 900 hour/12 month, 900 hour/24 month inspection.
    King KTR-905 #1 VHF w/Gables G4434A Controller
    King KTR-905 #2 VHF w/Gables G4434A Controller
    King KNR-630 #1 Nav w/Gables G1707A Controller
    King KNR-630 #2 Nav w/Gables G1707A Controller
    King KDF-805 ADF w/Gables G4433A Controller
    King KXP-755 XPNDR w/Gables G1884A Controller
    King KDM-706 DME w/Marker Beacon
    Honeywell (Sperry) AFCS
    Primus 50 Weather Radar
    (2) Andrea A301-6W Audio Controllers/Cockpit
    IDC Altitude Alerter/Tone Generator
    Radar Altimeter
    Garmin GDL-82 Datalink (ADS B Out)
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Corporate/VIP Passenger Configuration
    IFR Certified and Equipped
    Original Exterior Paint (Excellent/Like New)
    Wall Panels and Headliner (Excellent/Like New)
    Cockpit and Cabin Windows (Excellent/Like New)
    (2) Aft Facing High Back Corporate Seats
    (2) Storage Cabinets/Bar LH & RH Side
    (4) Place Fwd Facing Sofa w/Center Storage
    (2) Side Facing Seats (R/H Side)
    Tan Leather Seats w/Beige Carpet
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    ECU (Environmental Control System)
    Standard Skid Gear
    Emergency Float (Provisions Only)
    Power Steps (L/H & R/H Side)
    Cargo Suspension (Provisions Only)
    Hoist Provisions (Partial Install Only)
    Aux Fuel Tank (20 Gallon) (R/H Side)
    Aux Fuel Tank (90 Gallon) (L/H Side)
    Windshield Wipers
    Windshield Heater
    Carter PA System


    Two Owner Aircraft purchased NEW from Bell Helicopter in 1977. All current maintenance, inspections, AD’s and mandatory bulletins complied with by Northwest Helicopters, an FAA Repair Station and Bell Helicopter Customer Service Facility approved for the Bell 212. Aircraft paint and interior are original. Total Time Since New is 625.6 hours on the airframe and components.

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