Turbine Helicopters for Sale

A wide range of Turbine Helicopters are used for corporate and VIP travel. The smallest models seat four and have a single-engine, whereas the larger twin-engine models are capable of carrying more than 12 passengers, plus crew.

Buyers seeking a new Turbine Helicopter can expect to pay just under $1m for a brand-new small single-engine model, up to around $15m for a large twin-engine helicopter. 

Ideal for owners and operators who need to fly trips of up to 600 nautical miles, popular turbine helicopter models today are produced by Agusta, Airbus, Airbus-Eurocopter, Bell, Leonardo, McDonnell Douglas, Robinson and Sikorsky.

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Bell 206B II 1

Bell 206B II

Now Sold
North America + Canada, United States - GA, For Sale by Prestige Helicopters, Inc.
  • Year 1971
  • S/N -
  • Total Time -
New $40k exterior paint New leather interior New carpet Ranger Extender New 3yr TT Straps (installed 4/18) New Overhauled main rotor
Updated 11 Jun 2021
Bell 206B III 1

Bell 206B III

Now Sold
Southern Africa, South Africa, For Sale by Money Aviation
  • Year 1991
  • S/N -
  • Total Time -
Updated 14 Jun 2021
Agusta A109SP Exterior

Agusta A109SP

Now Sold
Europe, Italy, For Sale by EUROTech S.r.l.
  • Year 2011
  • S/N 22241
  • Total Time 250
2011 helicopter Rebuilt from AgustaWestland Belgium
Updated 03 Jun 2021

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Airbus H130

Now Sold
Airbus H130 Exterior

Airbus H130

Now Sold
Europe, Switzerland, For Sale by Centaurium Aviation Ltd
  • Year 2017
  • S/N 8379
  • Total Time 110
Reduced Price! Incl. enrolled Safran SBH For immediat sale with motivated Seller! 2017 build H130T2 is the 700rd Anniversary Special
Updated 31 May 2021
Airbus/Eurocopter AS 350B-2 1

Airbus/Eurocopter AS 350B-2

Now Sold
Europe, Russian Federation, For Sale by Heliatica LLC
  • Year 2008
  • S/N 4392
  • Total Time 1810
Updated 15 Jun 2021
Airbus/Eurocopter EC 120B

Airbus/Eurocopter EC 120B

Now Sold
Europe, Germany, For Sale by Invaero GmbH & Co. KG
  • Year 2010
  • S/N 1640
  • Total Time 520
EC 120 B Colibri Airframe SN 1640 TTSN approx 520 hrs, low hours Engine Arrius 2 F SN 34714 TTSN 417 hrs  Empty weight 1062 kg Always
Updated 28 May 2021
Agusta AB206 1

Agusta AB206

Now Sold
Europe, Italy, For Sale by HELICOPTERSTRADER
  • Year 1980
  • S/N 8616
  • Total Time -
We just come in this beautiful Agusta Bell 206, now is standing in a Maintenance facility to renew the ARC, so
Updated 15 Aug 2019
Agusta AW139 1

Agusta AW139

Now Sold
Europe, United Kingdom - England, For Sale by Castle Air
  • Year 2013
  • S/N 31497
  • Total Time 985
EASA Compliant Enrolled in HAPP 7 Pax VVIP Interior Glass Windshield Dual GPS EVS Increased Gross Weight (6800 kg) EPC 7.14 ADS-B Out
Updated 29 Jan 2020
Agusta A109S Grand 1

Agusta A109S Grand

Now Sold
Europe, United Kingdom - England, For Sale by Castle Air
  • Year 2009
  • S/N 22137
  • Total Time 900
Only 900 Hours Since New Single Pilot SP-IFR VIP Interior Utility Provisions Hoist | Floats | Hook Aux Fuel / Weather Radar EASA Certified
Updated 16 Apr 2019
Agusta AW109 Grand New 1

Agusta AW109 Grand New

Now Sold
Europe, United Kingdom - England, For Sale by Sloane Helicopters
  • Year 2015
  • S/N TBD
  • Total Time 995
VIP 2015 AW109SP GrandNew – immaculate aircraft condition and provenance – maintained by Sloane Helicopters since new. Aircraft comprises a high VIP
Updated 21 Jan 2019
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FAQs: Turbine Helicopter for Sale

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions for Turbine Helicopter for sale
  • How many civil Turbine Helicopters are there in the world today?

    There are approximately 40,000 civil Turbine Helicopters in operation worldwide. In early 2020, Honeywell Aerospace forecast an additional 4,100 to be delivered by the end of 2024.

  • Which country has the most Civil Helicopters in the world?

    There are more than 9,000 civil helicopters registered in the United States, according to the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST). More than 8,700 additional civil helicopters are based in Europe (counting both EASA and non-EASA countries).

  • What is the most popular civil Turbine Helicopter model?

    The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is the most popular helicopter model. Bell Helicopter has produced about 8,500 units for this aircraft family.

  • How fast do Turbine Helicopters fly?

    Turbine Helicopters fly an average 140kts per hour (160mph), broadly speaking. However, the speed on any given flight will be impacted by payload, the range required, and other factors, on a trip-by-trip basis.

  • How safe are Helicopters to fly?

    In 2019 there were between 0.68 and 0.75 fatal US helicopter accidents per 100,000 flight hours, according to the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST). The USHST says this trend has improved steadily in the US over the past 30 years. As with all types of aircraft, the continued improvement in helicopter flying safety depends on the practices of the operator, ultimately.

Turbine Helicopter Overview

By Matt Harris

Those who are shopping the pre-owned Turbine Helicopter market will find cheaper options from the same manufacturers, along with other out-of-production models.

Keep in mind that helicopters offered for sale on the used market may have fulfilled a completely different purpose with their previous owners.

Some of the other roles and industries Turbine Helicopters are often utilized for are police work, medevac, aerial surveillance, offshore, media, tourism and more. Turbine Helicopters are extremely versatile, and with a well-planned and well executed refurbishment they will prove very capable, comfortable modes of corporate/VIP transportation.

What are the Advantages of Turbine Helicopters?

There are various reasons that make Turbine Helicopters popular with their owners. These include:

Flexibility: Turbine Helicopters offer the advantage of greater flexibility than other types of aircraft, especially if passengers need to travel a relatively short distance. That’s because, thanks to their ability to land vertically, they can collect and drop-off passengers at places it would be impossible to access with a jet, turboprop or piston aircraft. That could include the roof of an office, a home, or even a yacht equipped with a helipad.

Time-Savings: With the ability to fly fast and direct, Turbine Helicopters literally offer door-to-door travel, which provides excellent time-savings for owners. In addition to avoiding busy, laborious airline terminals, Helicopter owners can avoid traffic congestion in metropolitan areas. This enables passengers to be more productive with their time, while also facilitating a better work-life balance for busy executives.

Utility: Owing to their ability to fly at low speeds or hover, Turbine Helicopters are ideal for multiple roles within a corporation. For example, equipped with a cargo hook, or adequate sensor system, a rotorcraft could feasibly be used for slinging cargo, aerial surveillance and passenger transportation for the same owner. And, it’s due to the many roles helicopters play that several aftermarket solutions exist allowing for a helicopter that might have flown a completely different mission profile under a previous owner to be reconfigured and refurbished for exclusive VIP or corporate transportation.

Security: Ensuring they travel only with known colleagues, friends and family, Turbine Helicopter users enjoy a higher level of security than those who travel aboard scheduled airlines or via ground-based transport.

Privacy: Although not as spacious compared to a business jets or turboprops, helicopters provide an ideal environment in which to work alongside colleagues, or sit back and relax with family and friends in a comfortable, private space.

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