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Sikorsky S-76C+
Now Sold
  • YEAR
    Switzerland, Europe
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Aircraft Highlights

Pristine Condition - based on Swiss quality,

Fresh from 12 and 36-Month Inspection Completed at RUAG in Sion,

SionEU-OPS 1 CertifiedEngines,

Gearboxes and Avionics on Program

Executive helicopter often used by Royal Family members for charter

Year of Manufacture: 1997



Manufacturer: Turbomeca
Type: Arriel 2S1
#1 Engine Total Hours*: 1'901
#1 Engine Total Cycles*: 3'691
#2 Engine Total Hours*: 4'472
#2 Engine Total Cycles*: 8'280
Engines enrolled in: Turbomeca Program
*As of December 2016

Major Inspection Status:
Inspection / Last Performed / Next Due
12 Month Check / May 2017 / May 2018
24 Month Check / July 2016 / July 2018
36 Month Check / May 2017 / May 2020
Nose Mounted Radome
Nose and Tail Avionics Compartments
Heated Glass Windshield
Cockpit and Cabin Bleed Air Heating System
Dual Windshield Wipers & Washers
Fully Retractable Tricycle Landing Gear With Pivoting Nose Gear And Main Wheel Brakes
Pneumatic Emergency Landing Gear Extension System with Externally Visible Pressure Gauge
204 Cubic Foot Cabin With 75 psf Floor
Separate 38 Cubic Foot Baggage Compartment W/Dual Lockable Doors

Dual Turbomeca Arriel 2S1 Engines
Dual Independent Suction Fuel Systems With Cross Feed Capability
Dual Fuel Tanks With Gravity Fuel Fillers, 281 U.S. Gallon Total Capacity
Low Level Fuel Warning System
Hinged Fuel Filler Caps With Key Locks
Engine Fire Detection And Extinguishing System
Engine Water Wash Connections In The Baggage Compartment
Dual-Input Main Gearbox Rated At 1,605 shp For Takeoff
Intermediate And Tail Gearboxes With Interconnecting Drive Shafts
Magnetic Chip Detectors With Fuzz Burn-Off Capability MGB, IGB & TGB

Four-Blade Articulated Main Rotor With One-Piece Aluminum Hub And Elastomeric Bearings
Main Rotor Blades With Titanium Spars, Fiberglass Skins, Honeycomb Cores & High Vis. Paint
Single Bifilar Vibration Suppression System. Both 3P and 5P
Provisions For Main Rotor Tracker And Tail Rotor Balancer (Chadwick-Helmuth Model 8500)
Four-Blade Flexbeam Tail Rotor

Dual 200 Amp DC Starter Generators
Single 44 amp-hour battery (Super Marathon)
AC Power System With 10 KVA Generator & 750 VA Static Inverter
Emergency Power Supply For Standby Attitude Indicator
DC External Power Receptacle With Overvoltage Protection
Controllable Landing Light
Fixed Landing Light On Right Main Gear
Three (3) Strobe Position Light System
Four (4) Dimmable Cockpit Overhead Wemac Lights
Dual cockpit map lights on controls closet with coil cords (Grimes)
Dual Lighted Approach Plate Holders
Battery Operated Emergency Cabin Lights
Dual Baggage Compartment Lights
Inspection Lights For IGB And TGB Sight Gauges

Dual Cockpit ICS Foot Switches with 45° Pedestal Mount
Radio/EFIS Master Switches
Audio System (Baker) with B1045 audio Panels
Dual VHF Communications Radio Collins VHF-22A

Moving Map GPS with Terrain Alert System, MT Vision Air X
Single ADF Collins ADF-60A
Dual VOR with ILS, GS, and MB Collins VIR-32A
Single DME Collins DME-42
Single Transponder Collins TDR-94 (Mode S upgrade December 2007).
Radio Altimeter (Single Indicator & Digital Readouts on ADI's, with Expanded
Scale and Ascending Audio Chime, Collins ALT-55)

Dual Independent 3000 psi Hydraulic Systems with Quick Disconnects
Dual Independent Flight Control Servo Systems
Dual Digital Automatic Flight Control System (Honeywell SPZ-7600)
Manually Actuated Rotor Brake System
Cockpit Voice Recorder Consisting Of Full System with Full system
Recorder and Control Panel (Universal CVR-30A)
Triple Tachometer (2)
Dual Torquemeter (2)
N1 Indicators (Gas Generator Tachometer (2))
T5 Indicators (Power Turbine Inlet Temperature Indicators (2))
Fuel Flow Indicator (2)
Engine Oil Temperature and Pressure Indicator (2)
Main Transmission Oil Temperature and Pressure Indicator
Caution/advisory panel with "Parking Brake On" Advisory
Dual Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
Dual Fuel Quantity Indicator
Fuel Quantity Totalizer (Part of FMS)
Engine Over speed Panel
Dual Pitot-Static Systems With Pitot And Static Port Heat
Outside Air Temperature Indicator
Dual Digital Electric Clocks (DAVTRON 877)
Dual Low Profile Glareshield Mounted Master Warning Panels
Landing Gear Up Warning Indicators
Battery Temperature Warning System
Door Open Warning Annunciator Panel (off essential bus)
Standby Self-Contained Attitude Indicator (JET 305-1BL)
Electronic Flight Instrument System (Honeywell EDZ-756 four with 5X6 inch tubes)
Backup Barometric Altimeter - CAA version of Aerosonic
Backup Airspeed Indicator

CAA Placards
90 degree seat belt latches
Generator Hot Capsule Modification (Red)
Generator Temperature Warning
AC Gen-Amber
Load Shed (with switch on bypass panel & to be guarded)
Inverter Failure Caption
Fuel Low Pressure Captions (Amber)
Low Engine Oil Pressure Captions (Red)
Automatic Voice Advisory Device (AVAD)
Emergency Flotation Completion Kit

Aux Fuel Tank (50 gallon) with switch & annunciator in mini-master panel

Weather Radar - Bendix RDR-1400C
Bendix TCAS I CAS 66 with two expanded IVSI Indicators
Cabin Paging and Chime System (4 speakers)
Multi-function Interface Unit with Checklist (Bendix) with Page/Line function on cyclic- in FLOAT position
Standby Vertical Card Magnetic Compass
ICS modifications for Single Pilot IFR Certification (located in Pilot's overhead)
Second Transponder - Collins TDR-94 (Mode S upgrade December 2007)
LH Hinged Door including Electric Door Lock
RH Hinged Door including Electric Door Lock
Electric Door Lock for Co-Pilot Door
Dual Retractable Boarding Steps
Lower Cockpit Doors Windows
Center Console canted 10 Degrees
Hinged Fuel Filler Caps has Tangs Fitted
Main Rotor Pylon Access Cover with Thumb Latches
Hydraulic Quick Disconnects
Hydraulic Module Access Cover with Thumb Latches
Main Rotor Blade Flap and Droop Restrainers
Intermediate Gear Box Inspection Cover
Relocated Pilot's power off Vne Placard to pilot's upper plate holder
Installed Airspeed bug panel horizontal

Fixed Landing Light On Left Main Gear
Tel-Tail Lights
Logo lights
Momentary Washer/Wiper Switch on Cyclic in cargo hook position
Mini Master Switch Panel
Second mini master switch panel to replace switches on Overhead Switch Panel.
Repositioned DFCS go-around switch on collective to Hoist position
Relocated Float switches on cyclics to collectives
Glareshield Light Variable Dimmer
High Intensity Strobe Light System (upper & lower)
Relocated OEI Training switch to under hinged panel in Center console

ICS System
Three networks (pilot/copilot; cabin only; & cabin/copilot) with selection via
switch panel in Center Console Cabin to monitor VHF1, VHF2, & ADF.
Four call switches in cabin to activate Cockpit headset tone & annunciator in
Instrument Panel.
2-Crew + 6-Pax Headsets. David Clark H20-16.
Dual AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System)
UNS-1D NMS with GPS Spare wires from UNS-1D to Instrument Panel & Broom
Closet area (cabin Side).

Portable UNS Data Transfer Unit. P/N 1404-01-11 s/n 704.
2-Crew + 6-Pax Headsets. David Clark.
Undercarriage door covers - 2 pieces
Exhaust blanks - 2 pieces
Intake blanks - 2 pieces
M/R/B tie downs - 4 pieces
I/G/B intake blanks - 2 pieces
Fight Fire Here blanks - 2 pieces
Pitot blanks - 2 pieces
Stabilizer covers - 2 pieces

Marine VHF FM radio Techsonic TFM 138B radio transceiver modified to meet UK
CAA approval requirements.
Artex ELT 110-406 with 121, and 242 MHz and also 406 Mhz satellite frequencies.
Eaton IK7707 Engine Chip Zapper system in accordance with STC SR01472 NY.
Interior entirely redone end of 2013 at Ruag Alpnach for 6 passengers (2 individual VIP seats + 4 passengers
SOFA). Ipad sockets were added as well as 8 new Bose A20 Aviation Headsets with bluetooth and active
noise reduction.
One (1) Executive 3-4 Place Divan Forward facing with writing surface/storage/lap belts
Two (2) Executive Swivel Chairs with fabric and/or leather upholstery, & lap belts
31 inch Credenza with storage space for thermos containers
Executive Cocoon Interior with following
- Enlarged windows with sliding window on pilot's side
- Storage built in on RH side accessible to pilot
- Continued cabin sidewall treatment onto the cabin side of the bulkhead
Cockpit Cabin Climate Control System (C4) with control in Pilot's overhead
Repositioned Aft cabin psu panels 3 inches forward
Executive Paint Finish
Modified Jeppesen Storage in Cockpit Doors (aft of Lower Door Windows)
Pilot's Cockpit Door Map Table
Cabin Carpet Set and Fabric Slip Covers for all Cockpit and Cabin Seating
All windows clear (slight or non tinted) transparencies
Decorative Plating in Cabin
Baggage compartment lights on the battery with LH & RH Timed switch
Enlarged baggage sills to protect outboard edge of entry area
Inflatable lumbar support for pilot & copilot seats
Reduced overall height of swivel seats
Floor tracks for executive swivel seats
Mirrored (silver) aft headrest
One (1) cupholder in each window revel & one (1) ashtray on each cabin door armrest
Boarding card, stow on lower LH & RH cabin doors
Cupholders in fold down armrests of fwd facing divan
Sewn in leather caps to top of armrests
Carpeted fuel cell extension cabinet
Relocated cockpit fire extinguisher under pilot's seat
Relocated first aid kit & cabin fire extinguisher on the LH cabin floor with cover at the
base of the cocoon bulkhead
Provided stay for each fold down door on fuel cell extension cabinet & means to hold
headsets in place
Volkswagen style door/entry handles in cockpit
Pilot side map storage compartment in place of pilot's cupholder
Cabin Membrane panels configured as follows:
- Top of the cabin armrests in window reveals fwd/aft/LH/RH to contain:
- Cabin light dimmer, Cockpit call, Headset jack, & C4 temperature set
- Aft cabin ceiling for use by the (2) two center seat divan passengers to contain two
(2) headset jacks
- Entry light switch located on each end of fuel cell extension cabinet
- Two (2) reading light switches in each overhead PSU panel
- C4 temperature select display in the forward cabin
Sealed cabin door NACA scoops
Covered attach screws for the cockpit door accent trim
Provided storage container on cockpit floor next to pilot's seat
LH cabin overhead clothes hanging rail
Cigarette socket for Iphone charging
8 new Bose A20 Aviation Headsets with bluetooth and active noise reduction
2 iPads socket in Cockpit

Sikorsky S-76C+

Now Sold
  • YEAR
    Switzerland, Europe
  • S/N
  • REG
  • TTAF
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Maxime Zeitlin
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