2013 Sikorsky S-76D for sale, NJ, United States

Sikorsky S-76D Exterior
Sikorsky S-76D Exterior
Sikorsky S-76D Cockpit
Sikorsky S-76D Interior
Sikorsky S-76D Interior
Sikorsky S-76D Interior
Sikorsky S-76D Interior
Sikorsky S-76D Interior
Price: USD $8,900,000
North America + Canada, United States - NJ

Aircraft Description

One Owner Since New

Engines Enrolled on ESP

Gearboxes Enrolled on Sikorsky Powertrain Assurance Program

2015 Entry Into Service

Deluxe VIP Executive Interior

Iridium Phone System

C4 Environmental Cabin Cockpit Climate Control System

Emergency Flotation System

ADS-B Out Version 2

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Airframe: 1,385 Hours 2,706 Landings

Date of Manufacture: July 2013
Entry into Service: September 2015


Engines: Pratt & Whitney PW210S
Enrolled on ESP
Left (Eng. #1): S/N BM0047 1,344 Hours 1,558 Cycles
Right (Eng. #2): S/N BM0044 1,385 Hours 1,599 Cycles

Enrolled on Sikorsky PAP
Main: S/N A231-00591 1,385 Hours TSN
Intermediate: S/N A376-00007 1,385 Hours TSN
Tail: S/N A1491-00030 1,385 Hours TSN


Weight & Balance (Last Weighed 03/16/21):
Minimum Operating Weight: 7,350 Lbs.
Max Takeoff & Landing: 11,875 Lbs.
Max Gross Weight: 11,700 Lbs.
Basic Empty Weight: 8,748 Lbs.
  • Maintenance & Inspections
    Engines Enrolled on ESP
    Gearboxes Enrolled on Sikorsky Powertrain Assurance Program
    Operated and Maintained Part 91
    Maintenance Records Tracked on Sikorsky HELOTRAC™ Fleet Management System

    Majority of Codes Completed and Next Due as follows:
    50 Hrs. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 1,427.6 Hrs.
    100 Hrs. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 1,477.6 Hrs.
    300 Hrs. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 1,677,6 Hrs.
    600 Hrs. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 1,977.6 Hrs.
    750 Hrs. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 2,127,6 Hrs.
    900 Hrs. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 2,277.6 Hrs.
    1500 Hrs. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 2,877.6 Hrs.
    3000 Hrs. N/A 3,000 Hrs.
    12 Mos. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 03/22
    24 Mos. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 03/23
    36 Mos. 03/21 @ 1,377.6 Hrs. 03/24
    No. 1 Engine OH N/A 4,000 Hrs.
    No. 2 Engine OH N/A 4,000 Hrs.
    Thales TopDeck Avionics Suite with Rockwell Collins Proline 21 Communication & Navigation
    COMM: Dual Collins VHF-4000 (3rd VHF Becker AR6201)
    NAV: Single Collins Proline 21 NAV 4000 & NAV 4500 w/ VOR
    Radio Mgmt System: Dual ARINC 739 MCDU w/ RMS Interface & FMS Interface
    PFD: Dual Pilot Flight Displays
    MFD: Dual Multi-Function Displays
    AHRS: Dual Litef LCR 100 AHRS
    Radio Altimeter: Dual Thales AHV-1600
    Weather Radar: Honeywell Primus 880 Digital 5-Color Radar
    Transponder: Dual Rockwell CollinsTDR-94D w/ Mode A, C, S w/ ADS-B Out v2
    DME: Dual Rockwell Collins DME Proline 21 DME-4000
    GPS: Dual Thales Topstar 200 GPS w/ WAAS(SBAS)-LPV
    Flight Director: Thales
    Auto Pilot: Thales
    Air Data Computer: Dual Thales C17133EA01
    AIR DATA: Dual Thales ADU-3200
    FMS: Thales Flight Management System
    IESI: Thales Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument
    ELT: Artex ELT 406‐NHM 406 MHz ELT w/ GPS Interface
    FDR/CVR: Universal Combined FDR & CVR (120 Min of Voice & 25 Hrs Data)
    TCAS: Bendix/King KTA-970 TCAS I
    EGPWS : Honeywell Mk XXII EGPWS
  • Interior & Entertainment
    New September 2015 @ Sikorsky – Coatesville, PA
    Six (6) Passenger Deluxe VIP Executive Interior configuration separated from the cockpit by a permanent bulkhead features a forward aft facing center refreshment and entertainment cabinet between two aft facing captains’ executive swivel club chairs and a 3/4 passenger forward facing aft divan with fold-down armrests, under-seat storage compartments for life vest and fire extinguisher storage, and fold-down center table. A 14-Inch widescreen LCD video monitor is mounted on the aft bulkhead. The center refreshment and entertainment cabinet features a 14 inch widescreen LCD video monitor, 2 USB outlets, XM Radio remote control, 2 pull-out storage drawers opposite a thermal insulated carafe, pull-out serving counter with offset cup holders, and 4 drawers featuring a trash container, mini water bottle/soda can storage, ice chest with self-closing lid and overboard drain. The “Silencer” interior wall panel system with secondary airframe acoustic blanket kit passenger cabin features club chairs and a divan covered in a medium brown leather complemented by a coordinated brown wool textured carpet. The interior wood/cabinetry is finished in a semi‐gloss mahogany veneer with exposed hardware finished in a decorative gold plating. The ceiling and wall covering is an ivory Ultraleather. Large left and right hand bulkhead windows with dual, sliding, tinted windowpanes.

    The Cabin Entertainment System includes an iPod, iPod dock, and audio/video switch for selection of either the iPod audio/video, XM Radio, or Flight Information System. Audio can be heard over six 3.5 mm headphone jacks and amplifier, and video viewed on the two 14-inch widescreen monitors (one located forward in the tall cabinet and one located aft above the divan). The Flight Display System provides passengers with real-time aircraft location, flight time, nearby points-of-interest, ground speed, altitude, outside temperature, and time to destination.
    New September 2015 @ Sikorsky – Coatesville, PA
    Overall DuPont Matterhorn White with DuPont Light, Medium, & Dark Prudential Blue Accent Stripes.

    Aircraft is Hangared at Morristown Airport (MMU) in Morristown, NJ, USA.
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Digital Moving Map on Thales Multifunction Displays (DMAP)
    True North Simphone Dual Channel Iridium SATCOM w/ Cockpit Dialer & 2 Wireless Cabin Handsets
    XM Weather & XM Radio
    Dukane DK-120 Underwater Locator
    Dual Wulfsburg Audio Panel
    Davtron Digital Clock
    Freon Air Conditioner
    Whelen Strobes
    Left & Right Fixed LED Landing Lights
    Cabin ICS
    Pulselite System
    Electric Door Locks
    Emergency Flotation
    Cabin Briefing System
    Cabin Paging/Chime System
    M/R Recognition Light
    Logo Lights
    Hinged Fuel Caps
    Manual Rotor Brake System
    Engine Wash Fittings
    Exterior Camera (Top Looking Aft)
    Dual Electrically Operated Retractable Boarding Steps
    Heated Windshields / Windshield Wiper System
    Sun Tint Windshield & Tinted Cabin Windows
    LED Search Light
    AVCS System
    Acoustic Noise Reduction
    5P Bifilar Vibration Suppression System
    Rosen Sunvisor Systems

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