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Bombardier Global Express XRS
Deal Pending
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    United States - WA, North America + Canada
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Aircraft Highlights


Reasons to buy THIS Bombardier Global Express XRS
• Impeccable Pedigree, One (1) U.S. Part 91 Owner Since New 
• Engines Enrolled on Rolls‐Royce CorporateCare® 
• Enrolled on Bombardier Smart Parts Plus 
• Primus Elite™ EFIS LCD Upgrade & Batch 3 
• Dual SwiftBroadband & Gogo Biz® with Wi‐Fi 
• FANS 1/A+, ADS‐B Out & TCAS 7.1 Compliant 
• SBAS w/LPV Approach Capability & DL‐1000 Data Loader 
• Head‐Up Display System & Enhanced Vision System 
• Lightning Sensor System, RAAS & Windshear Escape Guidance
• Honeywell XM® WINN™ Graphical Weather Interfaced to the DU‐875’s 
• Dual CMC CMA‐1100 MkIII EFB’s with XM® Weather 
• Autopilot Emergency Descent Mode


TTSN: 3,776 hours
TLSN: 1,537 landings

Time/Landings as of 23 February 2018


Type: Rolls-Royce BR700-710A2-20
Plan: Rolls-Royce CorporateCare®

#1 (Left) #2 (Right)
Serial Number: 12669 12668
TTSN: 3,776 hours 3,776 hours
TCSN: 1,537 cycles 1,537 cycles
MID/OVHL Intervals: On Condition On Condition

Times/Cycles as of 23 February 2018


Type: Honeywell RE-220[GX]
Serial Number: P-404
TTSN: 3,246 hours
TSSN: 3,087 starts
HSI Interval: On Condition

Time/Starts as of 01 January 2018
Computer Maintenance Tracking Program: CAMP
Inspection Program: CFR Title 14, Part 91.409(f)(3)
3,000 Hour Check c/w @ 2,953.9 hours
1,500/2,250/4,500 Hour Checks due @ 4,500 hours
15/30/60/120 Month Checks due April 27, 2019
Landing Gear Detailed Inspection due April, 2019

Major SBs, STCs, and Modifications Incorporated:
SB700‐11‐020 Rev. 1 – Increased Maximum Take‐off Weight to 99,500 lbs.
SB700‐23‐037 Rev. 1 – Upgrade the CVR System to Store Datalink Messages
SB700‐24‐083 – Replacement of the Variable Frequency Generator
SB700‐27‐059 – Modifications to Permit Zero‐Flap Take‐off Capability with Full Performance
SB700‐31‐030 Rev. 1 – Batch 3 Software Upgrade
SB700‐34‐032 Rev. 2 – HUD – Installation on Aircraft with Provisions for HUD
SB700‐34‐033 Rev. 2 – Installation of the Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
SB700‐34‐053 Rev. 1 – Introduction of FANS 1/A+ and RNP 4 30/30 Functionality
SB700‐34‐054 Rev. 1 – Introduction of SBAS with LPV Approach Capability
SB700‐34‐062 Rev. 2 – Introduction of ADS‐B Out Capability
STC ST02406LA – ACSS II/2000 Change 7.1
Honeywell Primus® 2000XP
AFCS: Honeywell Primus 2000XP Automatic Flight Control System with Autothrottles and
Autopilot Emergency Descent Mode
EFIS: Six (6) Honeywell Primus Elite™ DU‐875 LCD Units
STDBY: Electronic Integrated Standby Indicator
FMS: Triple Honeywell FMZ‐2000’s with SBAS w/LPV Approach Capability (NZ6.1)*
FMC: Triple Honeywell IC‐810 IAC’s with Honeywell DL‐1000 FMS Data Loader
CDU: Triple Honeywell CD‐820 Control Display Units
DATALINK: Airborne Data Link System (ACARS) & FANS 1/A+ (CPDLC) Capability*
EFB: Dual CMC CMA‐1100 MkIII Class II Electronic Flights Bags with XM® Weather*
ADS: Triple Honeywell AZ‐950 Micro Air Data Computers
VGS: Head‐Up Display System (HUD) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
VHF COM: Triple Honeywell Integrated Communication Units
HF COM: Dual Collins HF‐9000 HF COM System with SELCAL
AUDIO: Triple Honeywell AV‐850A Audio Control Panels
RMU: Dual Honeywell RM‐855 Radio Management Units
SATCOM: Collins SAT‐6100 (SRT‐2100B) and ICG ICS‐200 SATCOM Systems*
PHONE: ICG Aerocom 3000 CTU with Iridium (ICS‐200), Inmarsat (SAT‐6100) &
SwiftBroadband Voice via Multiple Handsets*
DATA: Dual SwiftBroadband (Dual HST‐2110B’s) & Gogo Biz® (ATG 5000) with Wi‐Fi*
GPS: Dual Honeywell SBAS/WAAS‐Capable GNSSU’s
LRNAV: Triple Honeywell LASEREF® IV Inertial Reference System
NAV: Dual Honeywell RNZ‐851 Integrated Navigation Units
DME: Dual Honeywell RNZ‐851 Integrated Receivers
ADF: Dual Honeywell RNZ‐851 Integrated Receivers
RADAR: Honeywell Primus® 880 Weather Radar System
RADALT: Dual Collins ALT‐4000 Radio Altimeter System
WX: Honeywell XM® WINN™ Graphical Weather Interfaced to the DU‐875’s*
LSS: Honeywell LSZ‐860 Lightning Sensor System
TAWS: Honeywell MK V EGPWS™ with Windshear Escape Guidance & Honeywell Runway
Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS)*
ACAS: ACSS® TCAS 2000 with Change 7.1
XPNDR: Dual Honeywell Integrated Communications Units w/ADS‐B Out (DO‐260B)
FDR: Honeywell Solid‐State Flight Data Recorder
CVR: Honeywell Solid‐State Cockpit Voice Recorder
ELT: Artex 406 MHz Electronic Locator Transmitter with NAV Interface
*Certain Installed Applications/Equipment Require Optional Subscriptions
Passenger Seating: Thirteen (13) Approved for Taxi, Takeoff & Landing
Jump Seat: Yes
Crew Rest Area: Yes – See Below Details for Configuration Options

Configuration, Storage & Miscellaneous:
The interior configuration comfortably accommodates up to thirteen (13) passengers in three
distinct seating sections. The aircraft also features a forward right‐hand crew rest, forward lefthand
galley and opposite annex, forward and aft lavatories, and an in‐flight accessible baggage

The forward cabin has four (4) “wide” single seats arranged in a club configuration. Each seat is
equipped with recline, swivel, berthing and tracking capabilities, as well as a recliner style leg rest
and electric lumbar support. The two forward‐facing seats have a seat pan lifter. The mid‐cabin
contains a four‐place conference group with adjustable conference table and extension for use
with the credenza’s pullout kibitzer seat. The conference group seats feature various levels of
tracking, swivel (inboard seats only), recline, berthing, and electric lumbar support.

Configuration, Storage & Miscellaneous Continued:
The aft cabin is configured with two three‐place berthing divans. The left‐hand divan’s center and
aft seating positions are certified for occupancy during taxi, takeoff, and landing. The right‐hand
divan is certified for three or two occupants depending on if the right‐hand upper bulkhead is
removed or installed, respectively.

The forward right‐hand crew area features a 9G 3‐place divan, convertible to 2 bunk beds, that is
not to be occupied for taxi, takeoff and landing. Optionally, the 9G divan can be replaced by a 16G
3‐place divan with middle and aft seating positions certified to be occupied only by crew during
taxi, takeoff and landing. Both divans will be delivered with the Aircraft.

The cabin features LED lighting, electric window shades, multiple 115 VAC outlets, and multiple
storage compartment and cabinets. A forward cabin bulkhead and pocket door separates the
galley and forward cabin, a mid‐cabin bulkhead and pocket door provides privacy for the aft cabin,
the forward and aft lavatories have hinged doors, the crew rest has a privacy curtain, and the
entryway has an acoustic curtain.

Cabin Management & Entertainment
A Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronics System (CES) controls all aspects of cabin equipment and
entertainment through a combination of multiple wireless and fixed passenger touchscreen control
units and traditional switching. The cabin entertainment system includes Airshow® ASXi, a cabin
speaker audio system, two (2) 24” bulkhead LCD monitors, a 10.4” galley touchscreen LCD monitor,
three (3) 10.4” touchscreen plug‐in LCD monitors, four (4) 8.4” touchscreen LCD monitors, an 18.1”
manual pop‐up credenza LCD monitor, two (2) dual‐slot CD/DVD units, and an external camera
system with multiple cameras and cabin and cockpit video display capabilities. Various A/V inputs
are available for portable devices.

Communications & Data
An ICG Aerocom 3000 Cabin Telecommunications Unit (CTU) provides satellite voice
communication through Iridium, Inmarsat, and SwiftBroadband voice connections via a
cockpit corded handset, two cabin cordless handsets, and a crew rest cordless handset.
Dual‐channel SwiftBroadband internet is available via onboard Wi‐Fi. Finally, Gogo Biz® ATG
5000 provides broadband internet access while above 10,000’ in the Continental United
States and portions of Alaska and Canada.

Interior Finishes:
The cabinetry and woodwork is finished in “Etimoe” gloss veneer and “Mahogany” gloss hardwood,
the cabin exposed metal surfaces are plated in “Satin Antique Gold”, and Polystone Creations
“Aztec” countertops are installed in the galley and both lavatories. Scott Group “Frumos w/Silk” wool
and silk carpeting is installed throughout the interior from the entryway to the aft lavatory. The
entrance, cabin, and lavatory headliners, as well as the upper sidewall and passenger service unit
panels are covered in “Gazelle” Alcantara®. The aft lavatory and crew area bulkheads are finished
in “Mulberry” fabric, the aft cabin bulkhead faces are covered in “Cognac” 100% silk fabric, and the
cabin lower sidewalls are finished in “Linen” fabric. The cabin single and double seats, the kibitzer
seat, and both lavatory seats are finished in “Brite Brown” leather, and the divans and low cabinet
cushion are covered in “MangoWood” fabric.

Galley: Forward
A forward left‐hand galley provides for generous storage and functionality. Equipment includes a
TIA microwave, an Aerolux Nespresso® machine, an “insta‐hot” water dispenser, a sink and faucet,
a countertop with pullout work surface, dual ice drawers, and a cold storage compartment. The
galley annex contains a TIA high temperature oven, a pullout work surface, and multiple dedicated
storage drawers and compartments. The galley features an air chiller unit used to cool select galley

Lavatories: Forward & Aft
A forward right‐hand lavatory is equipped with a vacuum toilet and adjacent vanity with
countertop and sink with faucet. The aft lavatory is equipped with a right‐hand inboard‐facing
vacuum toilet with adjacent vanity with countertop and sink with faucet.

Baggage Compartment:
The in‐flight accessible baggage compartment features two (2) fold‐down shelves, a baggage net, a
60” removable hang‐up bar, and a separate fold‐up hang‐up bar.
The exterior is painted in overall Matterhorn White with a Royal Blue base and Fall Leaf stripes.
Enhanced Acoustical Package
Entrance Area and Forward Cabin Zones Floor Mat Heaters
Cockpit Bulkhead Air Deflectors & Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch
Electronic Security System Integrated with External Camera System
Cockpit Refuel/Defuel Control Panel
Storage Provision for Ground Air Supply Adaptor & Storage Provision for Portable Towbar
Aft Equipment Bay Storage Box & Catwalk Battery Access
Handrail Extensions & Common Key Panels

Bombardier Global Express XRS

Deal Pending
  • YEAR
    United States - WA, North America + Canada
  • S/N
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