2015 Cessna Citation XLS+ for sale, United Arab Emirates

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Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Aircraft Description

The aircraft is among the best-selling products from the Citation family. In addition to its perfect range and speed, the Citation XLS+ offers a well-appointed cabin with casual seating for up to 9 passengers.

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Total hrs 3336.6
Landings 1950


ENG 1 3218.2 1889
ENG 2 3336.6 1950


APU 1222.6 2646
    PA Amplifier 102025-2
    Comm 2 Antenna 21-38-1RF/36
    Comm 1 Antenna S65-8282-45
    Comm 3 Antenna Prov
    XPDR 2 Antenna L10-611-14
    XPDR 1 Antenna L10-611-14
    Diversity XPDR 1 Antenna L10-611-14
    Diversity XPDR 2 Antenna L10-611-14
    HF Antenna hardware- KHF-1050
    HF Antenna with cable - KHF-1050
    Microphone Jack Inst! Lh
    Microphone Jack lnstl Rh
    Microphone lnstl - Pilot
    Microphone lnstl - Co-Pilot
    XPDR 1 TDR-94D 622-9210-008
    VHF 1 Mount MMT-125 622-9670-002
    VHF 3 Mount MMT-125 622-9670-002
    VHF Piggyback Unit 653-9078-102
    VHF Receiver 822-1468-110
    XPDR Mount MMT-150 622-9672-003
    RIU 2 RIU-4110 822-1864-022
    RIU 2 Mounting Tray 622-9671-002
    XPDR 2 TDR-94D 622-9210-008
    XPDR 2 Mounting Tray 622-9672-003
    Comm 2 822-1468-110 VHF Receiver
    Cockpit Voice Recorder 2100-1025-22
    Comm 2 Provisions
    Cockpit Voice Recorder Provisions
    HF Provisions Inst!
    822-2177-001 CTL-23D Standby Radio Control Head
    S251-1120-00 CVR Control Head
    Antenna Inst! - COMM 3
    Ant lnstl-Dual Iridium
    S67-1575-165 lridium/GPS Antenna
    Ant lnstl-Swift BB
    405006A-PMA lnmarsat Satcom IGA
    822-1200-997 ECU-3000
    822-1863-072 RIU-4010
    RIU 1 Equipment lnstl
    P12023 Satellite Transceiver
    405016A Hi-Power lnmarsat LNA
    405019A Iridium Filter
    P13167 lnmarsat Filter
    822-2381-230 Audio Control Panel
    822-2381-230 Audio Control Panel
    Electrical Power:
    Gen Control Unit LH 51525-001
    Gen Control Unit RH 51525-001
    Gen Control Units lnstl
    APU ECU & GCU 51525-001F
    Magnetometer 501-1826-03 MAG-3000
    Magnetometer lnstl
    500VA Inverter lnstl
    Common Wire Bundle Assy
    DC/DC Converter RR18
    Avionics J-Box Assy
    Starter Generator - LH
    Starter Generator - RH
    A/C Generator-3 KVA
    Main Battery - Concorde
    Wire Assemblies
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    AOA Sensor C-12717-1
    AOA Indexer 965-0113-008
    Glideslope Antenna RGS10-48
    Marker Beacon MB10-754
    DME 1 Antenna L-Band L10-611-14
    DME 2 Antenna L-Band L10-611-14
    TCAS II Upper Antenna 622-8973-001
    TCAS II Lower Antenna 622-8973-001
    TCAS II Upper Provisions
    TCAS II Lower Provisions
    Radar Receiver/Trans 622-8439-004
    Air Data Computer 9200-30000-080
    822-2065-001 IOC-4110 #1
    822-2065-001 IOC-4110 #2
    Radio Alt Antenna 1 S67-2002
    Radio Alt Antenna 2 S67-2002
    GPS 1/XM Antenna Cl401-460
    GPS 2/WAAS Antenna S67-1575-132
    GPS 1/XM Antenna Provisions
    GPS 2/WAAS Antenna Provisions
    Standby Battery 100-2410-04
    Nav 1 Mount MMT-125 622-9670-002
    RIU Mount MMT-130 622-9671-002
    RIU/Nav 1 Piggyback Unit 653-9078-106
    ALT-4000 822-0615-206
    ALT-4000 Mounting Rack 622-5212-001
    Mark V EGPWS Computer S2800-903
    Mark V TAWS Tray 200-91134-101
    Air Data Computer 1 822-1109-126
    Air Data Computer 1 Mount 822-1227-001
    DME 1 Mount MMT-125 622-9670-002
    DME 2 Mount MMT-125 622-9670-002
    DME Piggyback Unit 653-9078-102
    DME-4000 Receiver 822-1466-001
    822-1200-998 ECU-3000
    822-1543-201 FSU-5010
    822-1811-003 FSU 1 Mount
    FSU Equipment lnstl Hardware
    AHRS 1 822-1110-002
    AHRS 1 AHC Mount Rack 822-1290-003
    TCAS II Processor 822-1294-032
    TCAS II Tray 200-92772-101
    GPS-4000S 822-2189-010
    GPS-4000S Tray 200-91134-101
    AOA Computer C-13006-3
    AOA Tray 200-91131-101
    ADC 2 822-1109-126
    ADC 2 Mount 822-1227-001
    GPS 2 Provisions Hardware Inst!
    GPS 2 Tray 200-91134-101
    AHRS 2 822-1110-002
    AHRS 2 Mounting Rack 822-1290-003
    DCU Mounting Tray 622-9977-007
    DCU-5010 822-1538-104
    822-1108-143 Flight Guidance Computer 2
    822-1137-001 Power Supply 2
    Nav 2 NAV-4500 822-1579-001
    Nav 2 Mounting Tray 622-9670-002
    Nav 1 & 2 Antenna DMN4-17/P
    Flux Detect Inst! - RH
    Flux Detect Inst! - LH
    501-1741-2105 GH-3000
    501-1803-222 Detach Config Module
    501-1879-0102 EHSl-4000
    822-1993-100 AFD-3310
    822-1993-100 AFD-3310
    822-2055-001 Display Mount
    822-2055-001 Display Mount
    822-2055-001 Display Mount
    822-2055-001 Display Mount
    822-2349-100 AFD-3320
    822-2349-100 AFD-3320
    822-2388-001 DCP-3310
    822-2388-001 DCP-3310
    0300-412 Rosenview Cockpit Controller
    822-0884-604 CDU-3000 Control Display Unit
    822-2215-602 DBU-5000 USB Data Loader
    822-2389-001 Cursor Control Panel CCP-3310
    S3100-437 XM Data Receiver Inst!
    XM Weather Provisions Inst!
    ADF Antenna lnstl
    822-1466-001 DME-4000 Receiver
    822-1468-310 VHF-4000 Receiver
    822-1465-001 NAV-4000 w/ADF
    822-1108-143 Flight Guidance Computer
    822-1137-001 Power Supply
    822-1167-001 Environmental Control Module
    822-1363-002 Configuration Strapping Unit
    822-1987-007 Maint Diag Computer Module
    822-2191-001 ICC-3111
    IAPS 2 Equipment lnstl
    822-0883-038 Computer
    822-2189-010 GPS-4000S

    Indicating/Recording Systems:
    1229-1 Battery Temperature Indicator
    M877A5V Clock, Digital LT GR
    S3439-3 Ammeter
    C662502-0101 Voltmeter
    S3439-1 Ammeter
    FDR Sensor lnstl
    3001-01-111-3 Accelerometer
    FDR Accelerometer Equipment lnstl
    2100-2043-00 Flight Data Recorder
    3001-7400-03 FDAU
    200-87293-101 FDR Mounting Tray
    200-89249-102 FDR Tray Assy
    FDR Equipment - Provisions hardware
    PCB Installation - FDR
    FDR Wire RTG TIC
    Fwd Avionics Shelf lnstl
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