2013 Gulfstream G650 For Sale, United Kingdom

2013 gulfstream g650 on runway white fuselage with light and dark blue accents
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Europe, United Kingdom

Aircraft Highlights

Excellent Condition low-hours 2013 G650
One owner since new, never chartered
13 Passenger Stylish Interior
Maintenance programs:
• Engines on JSSI (Pro-rata) Engine Program
• APU on JSSI full APU Program
• Airframe on Gulfstream AOS Program
Fresh 72-month inspection at Gulfstream Savannah
Forward Crew Rest, Forward and Aft Lavatories
Aft Galley
2020 and other avionics updates:
• ADS-B Out
• FANS 1/A
• TCAS 7.1
Gulfstream Structural Warranty until June 28, 2033
Honeywell Swift Broadband
Honeywell Lightning Sensor System (LSS)
Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS)
Predictive Windshear (PWS)
Securaplane with three external cameras
26-inch HD LCD monitor in forward right-hand bulkhead
26” HD LCD monitor at the credenza
12.1-inch HD LCD monitor in each individual seat armrest
Dual Blu-ray player (multi-region)

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    1082 total hours
    • 371 total landings
    • Gulfstream AOS (Aircraft Ownership Service)
    (replaces Gulfstream PlaneParts program)


    (2) Rolls-Royce BR725A1-12
    LH & RH Engines: 1082 hours
    Overhaul due in April 2032
    JSSI (Pro-rata) Engine Program




  • Maintenance & Inspections
    Aircraft Enrolled on MSG-3 Program and Gulfstream CMP Maintenance Tracking Program.
    Majority of Maintenance has been performed by Gulfstream - Savannah, GA.
    72 Months Inspection recently complied in April 2019 at Gulfstream Savannah, GA. Next due in April 2025.
    48 Months Inspection last complied in March 2017. Next due in March 2021.

    Gulfstream PlaneViewTM II / Honeywell Primus Epic Avionics
    1 Enhanced NAV (FANS-1A, CPDLC)
    1 Synthetic Vision - Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD)
    3 Modular Avionics Units
    4 14-inch Adaptive LCD Displays
    1 LCD Head Up Display (HUD II)
    1 Enhanced Vision System (EVS II)
    2 Standby Multifunctional Controllers
    3 NextGen Flight Management Systems (FMS)
    3 Inertial Reference System (IRS) LASEREF VI
    4 Multifunction Air Data Probes
    1 Automatic Emergency Descent Mode (EDM)
    1 RDR-4000 3D Weather Radar
    1 Datalink VDL Mode 2
    1 Satellite Communications Systems (SATCOM)
    2 GPS with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
    1 Lateral Precision Vertical (LPV) Approach Capability
    2 Transponders (MODE S)
    1 Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS 7.1)
    1 Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
    1 Digital Flight Data Recorder (88 parameters)
    1 Flight Deck Voice Recorder (Datalink Recording)
    1 Plane ConnectTM
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Cabin layout Thirteen-passenger configuration, forward crew rest
    Forward cabin Four single club seats
    Aft mid cabin Four-place conference group with an opposing credenza
    Aft cabin Two club seats with an opposing three-place divan
    Aft Galley includes high-temp oven, microwave, coffee maker and espresso maker
    Lavatory Forward crew vacuum lavatory and aft vacuum lavatory

    Cabin Finishes
    Seats: Aristo Leather
    Divan: Zino Fabric
    Headliner: Tapis Ultraleather Raffia White
    Countertops: Corian Venture White
    Metal Chrome: Brushed Satin
    Wood: Quarter Composite Ebony
    Carpet: Tia Ping wool and silk

    Cabin Equipment
    26-inch HD LCD monitor in forward right-hand bulkhead
    Dual Blu-ray player (multi-region)
    26” HD LCD monitor at the credenza
    Securaplane with three external cameras
    12.1-inch HD LCD monitor in each individual seat armrest
    Gulfstream CabinViewTM flight info system
    Matterhorn White fuselage with Sapphire Blue and Ocean Blue stripes
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Securaplane PreFlite Security System
    Aircell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Telephone System
    Honeywell Inmarsat Satellite Communication System
    Honeywell Swift Broadband High Speed Data System (Inmarsat SATCOM)
    Honeywell Lightning Sensor
    Runway Awareness Advisory (RAAS)
    One (1) 26" HD LCD Monitor in the Right-Hand Fwd Cabin Bulkhead
    One (1) 2611 HD LCD Monitor with Electric Lift and Swivel Mounted in the Right-Hand Credenza
    Six (6) 12.l" HD LCD Personal Monitors in Each of the Six (6) Single Seat Inboard Armrests One (l) 17" HD LCD Monitor in Crew Compartment
    Dual Blu-Ray Player (Multi-region)
    Securaplane with Three External Cameras
    Gulfstream CabinView™ Passenger Flight Information System
    Forward Crew Rest Compartment
    Interfaced Inmarsat and Iridium SATCOM Systems
    Wireless (Wi-Fi) Local Area Network (LAN) System w/ Shared Network Printer & SOR Router Cockpit Printer
    Downlinked Active CAS and CMC Messages During Flight

    Major Aircraft Service Changes and Modifications Incorporated
    ASC 003A Comm. Management Function -SATCOM DIRECT Datalink Service Provider
    ASC 005B Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS)- Installation
    ASC 006B Lightning Sensor System (LSS) -Installation
    ASC 007A Predictive Windshear (PWS) - Activation
    ASC 011A Engine Electronic Controller - K6.2.l Software Upgrade
    ASC 015 Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) - Provisions Installation
    ASC 018A Planeview II Avionics Enhancement
    ASC 020 Pressure Fueling / Refueling Adapter -Hardware Replacement
    ASC 021 Ice and Rain Protection - Wing Leading Edge #l Inboard Anti-Ice Tube- Mod
    ASC 022 Wing Cove Panel - Panel Trim and Phnolic Bumper Installation
    ASC 023 Aft Equipment Bay - Handhold Installation
    ASC 025 Flashlight Replacement
    ASC 033 Electrical Power - Battery Charger Circuit Breaker Cover Installation
    ASC 034 Oxygen Service Door Light Modification
    ASC 035 Nose Wheel Steering Control Unit -Upgrade
    ASC 037A FCC Software Update
    ASC 038A Indicating / Recording (ATA 31) - PlaneView II Avionics Enhancement
    ASC 041A Equipment and Furnishings - Tail Comp Ladder Attach Fittings & Stops Replace
    ASC 042A Aft Upper Panel Fuselage Station (FS) 1083 Gusset - Installation
    ASC 043A Engine Operating Limits- Placard Installation
    ASC 045 Automatic Dependent Surveillance -Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out v1 - DO-260A)
    ASC 046 Placards & Markings - Maximum Zero Fuel Weight Reduction - 59,500 Pounds
    ASC 047 Hydraulic Ecology Bottle Vent Drain -Installation
    ASC 048A Spoiler Joint Anti-Rotation Retention Washer - Installation (Part l)
    ASC 049A/B Part l, 2, & 3 Cockpit Improvements
    ASC 050A Fuel Servicing Door - Refueling Decal and Door Hold Open Installation
    ASC 051/A Secondary Power Distribution System (SPDS) Software Update
    ASC 52A/B Main Entrance Door - Noise Reduction
    ASC 053Main Entrance Door - Bottom Folding Step Mechanism and Airstair Mods
    ASC 054 Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) - Installation
    ASC 055C Autobrake System
    ASC 056 Installation Engine Electronic Controller Software Upgrade
    ASC 057 Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Head-Down Video Function - Installation Main Entrance Door Storage Box Spring Replacement
    ASC 058 Main Entrance Door - Water Drainage Modification
    ASC 059 Main Entrance Door - Water Intrusion Reduction Modification
    ASC 061 Waste Service Panel Placard Installation
    ASC 064 Aft Equipment Bay Water Shield - Installation
    ASC 067 Windshield Heat Temperature Sensing Element Bonding Jumper -Installation
    ASC 069 Primary Flight Control Actuation System (PFCAS) REU Software Update
    ASC 073 Tire Pressure Monitoring Unit (TPMU) Software Upgrade
    ASC 074B Rev B Nose Wheel Steering System – Upgrade
    ASC 079 Landing Gear Control Unit Mod D Update
    ASC 084A Main Landing Gear and Brake Assembly - Modification
    ASC 086 Main Entry Door - Service Door Panel Security Cover - Installation
    ASC 089 Doors (ATA 52), Main Ent Door- Bottom Folding Step Stop Bolts - Replace
    ASC 091A Acoustic Door Noise Reduction -Modification
    ASC 092 Primary Flight Control Actuation System (PFCAS) MCE Software Update
    ASC 093 Flight Controls (ATA 27) - FCC Software Update
    ASC 094 Doors (ATA 52) - Electric Main Entrance Door (eMED) Wear Pad Modification
    ASC 097 Primary Flight Control Actuation System (PFCAS) REU Connector Updates
    ASC 098 Horizontal Stabilizer Control Unit
    ASC (HSCU) Software Update
    ASC 901A Planeview II Master Operating System Software Update
    ASC 902A Indicating/ Recording (ATA 31) - PlaneView II MOS Software Update



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