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Europe, Belgium

Aircraft Highlights

Late December 2008 N registered Piper Malibu Matrix located in Europe for sale, only 700h, propeller 100h SOH 04/2015, both turbo chargers replaced 04/2015 and engine top overhauled such as mangetos replaced in 04/2015, premium avionics package with 6 seat intercom and 6 seat supplemental oxygen supply, fresh annual/100h inspection 09/2019

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    Late December 2008 “N” registered Piper Malibu Matrix in good condition

    Total time of 700h and 100h STOH on TIO-540-AE2A performed 04/2015

    Both turbochargers replaced in 10/2015

    3 blade Hartzell propeller with 700h SNEW and 100h SOH performed 04/2015

    Avidyne Entegra EX5000 R8.1 PFD and MFD, dual G430W and much more

    Equipped from factory with speed brakes and 6 seat oxygen and Intercom

    Efficient performer burning 18GAL/h in 12.000ft flying 185KTAS

    No airway fees with MTOW 1980kg/4358Ibs

    First owner and owner pilot flown

    No damage history and last annual/100h inspection completed 09/2019

    All specifications subject to verification upon inspection, withdrawal from market without prior notice.


    One Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A dual turbo charger with 350hp and 700h SNEW in 12/2008 and 100h STOH in 04/2015 performed by Dachsel GmbH (Germany).

    2000h engine TBO, may be operated “on condition” after reaching its TBO depending on local CAA regulations.

    Three blade electrically de-iced Hartzell HC-I3YR-1E propeller installed with 700h SNEW in 12/2018 and 100h SOH in 04/2015.

    2400h propeller TBO, may be operated “on condition” after reaching its TBO depending on local CAA regulations.


  • Maintenance & Inspections
    06/2011 Air condition compressor replaced
    04/2015 Engine top overhaul performed by Flugmotoren Dachsel GmbH (Germany)
    04/2015 New camshaft and lifter kid installed
    04/2015 New spark plugs installed
    04/2015 Propeller overhauled performed by MT Propeller (Germany)
    04/2015 Engine mount replaced
    04/2015 500h inspection on both magnetos performed
    04/2015 MFD replaced
    04/2015 LH MLG and NLG tube and tire replaced
    04/2015 50/100/250/400/600h inspection performed
    10/2015 Both turbochargers replaced
    05/2016 7 year aircraft structure/corrosion inspection performed
    05/2016 5 year attach fittings and push rod inspection performed
    07/2018 Annual/100h inspection performed
    09/2019 4M/12M/24M/1Y/5Y/10Y inspection performed
    09/2019 10Y fuselage and wing fluid hoses pressure check performed
    09/2019 10Y CMOS battery replacement performed
    09/2019 10Y airborne check valves replacement performed
    09/2019 50/100/500h inspection performed
    09/2019 Annual/100h inspection performed
    Autopilot: S-Tec 55X controlled through PFD
    PFD: Avidyne Entegra EX5000 Release 8.1 PFD
    2xCOM/NAV/GPS: Garmin G430W (WAAS) displaying Terrain, Traffic, SafeTaxi and Stormscope
    Emergency backup attitude indicator: Mid-Continental 4300 (self battery powered)
    MFD: Avidyne Entegra EX5000 Release 8.1 PFD displaying Terrain, Traffic and Stormscope
    Traffic: Avidyne TAS 610 displayed on MFD and G430W
    Avidyne MLB 700 Weather DownLink Receiver featuring weather, lightning strike tracker and radio (US coverage only)
    Stormscope: Avidyne TWX 670 displayed on MFD and G430W
    Crosspointer: Garmin GI 106A
    Audio: Garmin GMA 340
    ELT: Artex 406mHz
    Transponder: Garmin GTX 330 Mode S

    Additional Equipment:

    Air conditioning, Factory speed brakes, Intercom, Integrated supplemental oxygen system with 6 ports/masks, Single 110VAC outlet located under rear PAX seat
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Original interior from 2008 with the optional natural leather seating in good condition. Spacious cabin offers space for four passengers in club seating configuration. Aft baggage compartment located behind rear seats. Single executive writing table installed on right side with individual reading lights for every passenger seat. Every passenger seat offers individual reclining and intercom plugin.
    Original paint from 2008 optional Mirage paint scheme in snow white, ocean blue metallic and titanium metallic with grey and blue stripes in good condition.
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Additional EquipmentOwnership Information:

    The present owner is a European company and the first owner SNEW. The aircraft was officially ordered at Piper factory in Vero Beach on behalf a European Piper dealer in 09/2008. The aircraft was then officially delivered from Piper in 12/2008 and ferried to Europe. In 04/2015 the owner decided to have a top overhaul performed, 500h magnetos inspection, the propeller overhauled and engine mount replaced. In 10/2015 the owner decided to have both turbo chargers replaced. All logbooks are available SNEW such as complete documentation of the engine top overhaul including plenty of pictures. The aircraft has always been hangered and maintained by a Piper authorized service facility. The aircraft has no damage history.

    General Information:

    The Piper Malibu Matrix is definitely the right investment to upgrade from the lower single engine piston segment into the world of fast and complex single engine piston travelling. Given the fact it has no pressurized cabin, however supplemental oxygen with plugin and mask for every seat, the Malibu Matrix offers an incredible full fuel payload of 3 PAX being able to fly 1100nm. Operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to bigger multi engine piston planes and operating in a much safer environment in icing conditions with an existing FIKI certification.

    Performance Parameters and Weights:

    Cruises FL120 with 185KTAS using 18GAL/h

    1000nm IFR range plus reserve or 1100nm range VFR.

    Max ramp weight 1980kg/4358Ibs
    MTOW 1972kg/4340Ibs
    EW 1396kg/3072Ibs
    Maximum useful load 584kg/1286Ibs
    Maximum usable fuel 453l/120GAL
    Payload with full fuel 258kg/567Ibs



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