1993 PZL Mielec 104 Wilga for sale, United Kingdom

Price: £44,950 No VAT, Price Reduced
Europe, United Kingdom - England

Aircraft Description

This is a PZL-104 WILGA 80

Manufactured by Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Warsxawa-Okecie in Poland.

The aircraft is based in the north of England and can quickly be made ready to fly with a fresh Annual & ARC.

This one has a piston engine but online you can see a video of one with a turbine conversion - either way, these STOL aircraft are fabulous performers

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Total Time 1066 Hrs


40 Hours since overhaul by Aerometal KFT in Hungary in 2012
260HP Ivchenko AI-14RA
TBO 800 Hours

40 Hours since overhaul

Prop details: CNPSL PANSTWOWE ZAKLADY US 12-2000

The prop on this aircraft is not 'time lifed' or hours limited, but needs a check every 10 years, so the spare prob is serviceable but would need a 10 year check, It is a VP prop and is a complete prop together with another spare serviceable VP hub and one blade.

The spare propeller and many more spares included in sale
  • Maintenance & Inspections
    All SBs c/w

    Fresh Annual & ARC with sale
    ICOM A220T (8.33)
    KING KT 76A Transponder
    External GPS antenna which owner uses for his portable Garmin 296
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Versatile utilitarian interior. See 'Spares' section above for seating//jumping/tanking configs. Often 2 seats but can easily and quickly become a 4 seater

    Recent new windshield whilst doing cabin strut SB
    Overall White. Tailwheel, high wing, with a 'this aircraft means business' look about it.
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    2x wing tanks each holding 18 USG
    Auxilary fuel tank holds approx 21.5 USG
    Total fuel with auxiliary tank approx 57.5 USG


    No known damage history

    MTOW 2866 Lbs/1300 Kgs

    The owner used it for aero-towing gliders, and aerial photo work for which he says it is ideally suited as it can be flown without the doors on so no picture distortion.

    It was also used for banner towing and general flying.

    The previous two owners also used it for Aero towing gliders.

    The aircraft has very short take off and landing capability [unofficially, a little over 100yds take off and less for landing, in the right hands].

    The doors are designed to be removed, ( they can even be jettisoned in flight if you really want to).

    There is a full set of parts & service/maintenance manuals [these are worth quite a lot of money on their own], and approved repair manual's, together with its own tool kit of specialized service/repair tools. Spare prop - see above. Seats to sort various configuration's, [standard seats, bench seat for parachute jumping] new tyres, suspension gas strut's,

    The Wilga is a 4 seat aircraft; in the 'back' it can have two bucket seats, or one full width bench seat for parachute jumping, or one bucket seat and aux tank, it is currently configured with two front seats and aux tank. The owner has all the various seating arrangement's included in the spares package

    The aircraft starts on compressed air, spares include gas charge bottles and charge valves.

    The aircraft has a cockpit releasable towing eye. Tow rope with safety links and eye rings (all complete and ready to go) included in sale.

    Outside cover for cockpit which covers all glazed areas and doors: propeller cover, wheel chocks and tie-down legs all included in sale.

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