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De Havilland DHC-8
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  • YEAR
    Malta, Europe
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Aircraft Highlights

•    Last Painted April 2016

•    21 Passenger Seat Cabin Configuration

•    Optional STC for Air Operable Baggage Door

•    Part 135 STC for 21 or 30 Seat Combi Configuration

•    STC for Air Operable Cargo Door


Total Airframe Time Since New    :    48,903 Hours
Total Airframe Cycles Since New    :    64,952 Cycles


Type & Model    :    Pratt Whitney Canada
 Operator TBO    :    On Condition 
           Left     Right 
     Serial Number    :    PCE-120692    PCE-120024
     Time Since New    :    28,055 Hrs.    46,844 Hrs.
     Cycles Since New    :    56,734    55,038
     Time Since Overhaul    :    NA    NA Hrs.
     Cycles Since Overhaul    :    NA     NA 
     Time Since HSI    :    810 Hrs.    1,052 Hrs.
Type & Model    :    Hamilton Sundstrand 782701-5
Propeller TBO    :    10,500 Hrs / 84 Months
Prop 1  Serial Number    :    259    
     Prop 1 TSO    :    Blade 1    1,460 Hrs.
        Blade 2    1,346 Hrs.
        Blade 3    1,476 Hrs.
        Blade 4    210 Hrs.
Prop 2  Serial Number    :    20060512    
     Prop 2  TSO    :    Blade 1    936 Hrs.
        Blade 2    1,801 Hrs.
        Blade 3    12 Hrs.
        Blade 4    1,801 Hrs.
VHF Comm    Rockwell Collins    CTL-22C
VHF Nav    Rockwell Collins    CTL-32
HF Comm    Bendix King    KCU-951
RNAV    Rockwell Collins    VIR-32
Audio Control / PA / PX    AVTECH    
ADF    Rockwell Collins    CTL-62
DME    Rockwell Collins    DME-42
Transponder     Rockwell Collins    TPR-720
Weather Radar    Honeywell    WR-800
Radio Altimeter    Sperry    BA-141
Horizontal Situation Indicator    Honeywell    RD-550C
Vertical Situation Indicator    Sextant    F911
EGPWS/TAWS    Honeywell    MKVIII
FMS with Data Loader    Universal Avionics    UNS-1Ew
TCAS/TCAD    Rockwell Collins    TTR-920
Autopilot    Honeywell    GC-801
Standby Altimeter    AeroMechanism    
CVR    L3/Fairchild    A100A
FDR    L3 Aviation Recorders    F800
Satellite Tracking System    Blue Sky Network    ACH1000
Multi-Function Display    Honeywell    ID-802
Air Data Computer    Sperry    AZ-810
Reconfiguration of passenger seating from 30 to 21 seats; oxygen units under seats relocated; weight & balance amended
Removed cargo grab bar; Installed STC ST3120NY air operable baggage door 
Installation of UNS-1Ew WAAS and configuration, Installation of Mark VIII EGPWS Terrain INOP Annunciator
Installation of coin pattern floor matting in cabin & cockpit
Installation of NVIS Compatible Lighting System
Installation of PAX Oxygen System 
ADF deactivation
Fuel quantity indication wire routing segregation and identification 
Complied with AD2012-04-08 & SB8-27-110
Accomplished AD2007-04-22; reworked seal assemblies on fairing panel 
Installed cockpit windshield drain system
Universal Avionics dual UNS-1m Flight Management System (FMS) upgrade to dual UNS-1Ew
Removed UNS-1M system components 
Removed ARC-182 Secure Radio System Provisions, Removed GPS Antenna
Installed Wulfsberg Flexcomm II CD-5000 Multi-Band Receiver/Transceiver and Control Unit System
Removed Garmin GPS-165
SB8-71-5 Power Plant Lower Cowl 
SB8-53-41 Fuselage Unpaved Runway Protection
SB8-32-141 MLG Door Rework
SB8-92-03 Converted Aircraft to -103
Wiring Diagram C406-N ELT (Rev dated 10-28-08)
Wire Routing, ELT (Rev dated 10-28-08)
Bluesky Network Tracking System; DHC-8-201 (Rev A dated 3-1-07)
Ground Function and EMI/EMC Test Report (Rev 1 dated 9-23-08)
Maintenance Manual Supplement 406 MHZ ELT System Installation (Rev 1 dated 9-23-08)
Bluesky Network Tracking System Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (Rev N/C date 4-1-08)
Flight Manual Supplement Bombardier Inc. DHC-8-201 (Rev N/C dated 4-30-08)
Installed Iridium Antenna Bluesky Network DHC-8-200 (Rev B dated 07-06-06)
Installed Iridium Equipment Bluesky Network DHC-8-200 (Rev A dated 07-04-03)
ELT/FDR Panel Modification (Rev B dated 12-15-05)
Installed General Arrangement, 406 MHZ ELT System (Rev A dated 9-23-08)
Installed KHF-950 HF Communication System
Installed Dual Hawker Lead-Acid Batteries
Installed Artex 406N MHz ELT and Antenna (Rev dated 10-28-08)
Structural provisions for the Bluesky Network Tracking System 
Installation of Blue Sky Network
Install Structural Provisions for V/UHF Installation 
Installation of Re-enforced Cockpit Door
Installation of Re-enforced Flight Deck Door
Installation of Deadbolt on Cockpit Door
Incorporate deHavilland Alert SB RE: Fuel Tank Vent Lines/Wing Panels & Incorporate deHavilland SB RE: MLG Retaining Plate and NLG Alternate Release Handle
Install PBS 400 digital passenger briefing system
Install Protective Breathing Equipment in Cabin
Installed TCAS II and Mode-S Transponder

De Havilland DHC-8

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  • YEAR
    Malta, Europe
  • S/N
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