2018 Pilatus PC-12 NG for sale, Switzerland

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Europe, Switzerland

Aircraft Description

Airconditioning System
Cargo Kit
Steep Approach Capability
RDR-2060 Radar

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2335 hours
1988 cycles


Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp
Time since new: 2335 hours
Cycles since new: 1980

Manufacturer: Hartzell Propeller Inc
Time since new: 2125 hours
  • Wifi Information
    WiFi: Yes
    Aerowave 100
    Elite Avionics Package, including:
    Co-Pilot PFD
    Co-Pilot Audio/Marker Panel
    TAWS Class B & TCAS I
    Smart View Synthetic Vision System
    Wireless Connected Flight Deck
    Stormscope (WX500)
    2nd GPS
    GPS WAAS/LPV Functionality Honeywell KGS200
    ADS-B Out
    2nd Mode S Transponder (Diversity)
    Honeywell Dual ChartLink
    RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum)
    Coupled VNAV
    Iridium Antenna (antenna only)
    Electronic Checklist Function

    Avionics and instruments
    Integrated Honeywell Primus Apex Suite
    – 1 Primary Flight Display (PFD), Flat Panel Display Unit, 10.4” Diagonal
    • ADI/HSI (Dual-channel Data Source for Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference)
    • 1 Radar Altimeter
    • Engine Instruments
    • 2 COM (8,33 KHz Spacing)
    • 2 NAV (1 DME)
    • 1 Mode S Transponder (Diversity)
    • 1 ADF
    – 2 Primary Flight Display (PFD) Controller
    – 1 Elapsed Timer
    – 1 Integrated GPS Receiver
    – 1 Audio/Marker Panel
    – 1 Flight Guidance Controller for Digital Three-Axes Autopilot System
    – 1 Situational Awareness Multifunction Display (MFD), Flat Panel Display Unit, 10.4”
    • Flight Management System (FMS)
    • Weather Radar Indication
    • Moving Map with Overlays
    – 1 Systems Multifunction Display (MFD), Flat Panel Display Unit, 10.4” Diagonal
    • Warnings, Cautions and Advisories (CAS
    • Messaging)
    • Gear, Trim and Flaps Indication
    • Fuel Indication
    • ECS/CPCS Indication
    • Electrical Systems Indication
    – 1 Multifunction Display (MFD) Controller (includes Alphanumeric Keyboard)
    – 1 Cursor Control Device (CCD)
    – 1 Central Maintenance System
    Other Flight Instrumentation
    – Dual Pitot Static System
    – 1 RDR2000 Weather Radar
    – 1 Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS)
    – 1 ELT 406 MHz with Remote Switch
    – 1 Nav Interface to 406 MHz ELT
    – 1 Flight Time Recorder (“Hobbs Meter”)
    – 1 Lightweight data recorder
    – 9 Oval Cabin Windows with Internal Pull-down Shades
    – Painted Composite Interior Panels
    – Carpet
    – Aft Baggage Storage Area including Baggage Net
    – 2 Cabin Speakers
    – 1 Document Holder
    Cabin Lights
    – 1 Passenger Door Flood Light
    – 1 Cargo Door Flood Light
    – 1 Cabin Light System
    – Independent Reading Lights (1 per Seat)
    – 1 Baggage Compartment Light
    Cockpit compartment:
    – 2 Crew Control Wheels, 2 Rudder Pedal Sets
    – 2 Crew Seats – 8-way Adjustable, Reclining with Foldable Armrest, Headrest, and
    4-point Torso Restraint System
    – 2 Cockpit Speakers
    – 2 Hand Microphones
    – 2 Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Headsets
    – Painted Composite Interior Panels
    – Carpet
    – 1 Cockpit/Cabin Bulkhead Divider with Curtain
    – 2 Adjustable Sunvisors
    – AFM/En-route Chart Storage Pockets
    – Clipboard/Notepad, Pen Holders
    – 2 Cup Holders
    – 1 Direct Vision (DV) Window
    Cockpit Lights
    – 2 Ceiling Lights
    – 4 Adjustable Panel Flood Lights
    – 4 Adjustable Circuit-breaker Flood Lights
    – 2 Map Reading Lights
    – Internally Lighted Switch Panels
    – Internally Lighted Cockpit Controllers
  • Interior & Entertainment
    – Aluminum Alloy for Primary Skin and Structure
    – Epoxy Resin-based Composites for Secondary Parts
    – Semi-monocoque Design Pressurized Fuselage
    – Pilot/Passenger Airstair Door
    – Cargo Door
    – Overwing Emergency Exit
    – 2 High-lift Wings
    – T-tail Empennage
    – Complete Internal and External Structure Corrosion Protection
    Executive 6 Seat Interior
    Quilted Seat Facings

  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Airconditioning System
    Aerowave 100 In-flight Internet
    Cargo Kit
    Steep Approach Capability
    RDR-2060 Radar

    Aircraft systems:
    Propulsion System
    – 1 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67P Turboprop Engine
    – 1 Hartzell Five-blade Composite Propeller
    – Engine Chip Detector System
    Electrical System
    – 2 Starter/Generator Units 28 VDC, 300 Amps each
    – Automatic Load Shedding
    – 2 Lead Acid Batteries 24 VDC, 42 Amp Hours each
    – 1 Emergency Power System (EPS), 24 DC, 5 Amp Hours
    – 1 External Power Connector for 28VDC Power Source
    Fuel System
    – 2 Integral Fuel Tanks with Delivery and Transfer System
    – 2 Motive-flow Delivery (Jet) Pumps
    – 2 Electrical Boost Pumps
    – 1 Engine-driven Pump
    Flight Controls
    – All-mechanical Primary Flight Controls
    – Electrically Operated Flaps
    – Electrical Trim in all Axes
    Landing Gear
    – Electromechanical Retractable Tricycle Landing Gear with
    Trailing Link Main Gear
    – Soft-field/Low-pressure Tires
    – Emergency Gear Extension System
    – Mechanical Nosewheel Steering
    – Toe-operated Pedal Wheel Brakes
    – Parking Brake
    Cabin Pressurization Control System (CPCS)
    – 1 Electronically Controlled Outflow Valve
    – 1 Digital Controller
    – 1 Pneumatic Safety Valve
    – 2 Negative Pressure Relief Valves
    Environmental Control System (ECS)
    – Air Cycle System – using Engine Bleed Air to Provide Conditioned Air for
    Pressurization, Heating and Cooling
    – 1 Digital ECS Controller (for Air Cycle System, Auxiliary Heaters, Recirculation Fans
    and Optional Vapor Cycle Cooling System)
    – Dual Zone Temperature Control (Cockpit and Cabin)
    – Auxiliary Electrical Heating System (2 Underfloor Heaters)
    – Conditioned Air Distribution via 4 Cockpit Outlets (2 Floor, 2 Adjustable Chest
    level) and Cabin Floor-level Outlets
    – Re-circulated Air Distribution via Adjustable Overhead Cabin and Cockpit Outlets
    (1 per Seat)
    Oxygen System
    – Supplemental Oxygen System
    – 1 Oxygen Cylinder
    – 2 Crew Diluter Demand Masks with Integral Connected Microphones
    – 1 Constant-flow Mask per Passenger
    – 1 Oxygen Quantity Indicator
    Ice and Rain Protection
    – Wing Leading Edge Pneumatic De-icing Boots
    – Horizontal Stabilizer Pneumatic De-icing Boots
    – Windshield Electrical Anti-icing
    – Engine Inlet Exhaust Gas Heat Anti-icing
    – Propeller Blades Electrical Anti-icing Boots
    – Pitot-static Probe Electrical Anti-icing
    – Stall Warning Sensors Electrical Anti-icing
    Exterior Lights
    – 2 LED Combined Wingtip Lights (Strobe and Nav)
    – 2 LED Landing Lights
    – 1 LED Taxi Light
    – 1 Wing Icing Inspection Light (Left Side)
    – 2 LED Red Flashing Beacons


    – Internal/External Markings and Placards
    – 1 Hand Fire Extinguisher
    – Cabin Door Lock and Keys
    – Nosewheel Steering Bar
    – Gust Lock - Control Column
    – Covers - AOA Transmitters, Pitot Tubes, Engine Air Intake, Oil Cooler Intake, ECS
    Intake, Generator Intake, Engine Exhaust Stacks
    – Propeller Restraint
    – Apple iPad with Aircraft Presentation
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