1977 Beechcraft 55 Baron For Sale, United States

Beechcraft 55 Baron 1
Beechcraft 55 Baron 2
Price: USD $259,900
North America + Canada, United States - TX

Aircraft Description

This aircraft has an upgraded Garmin panel that would make any pilot proud. It includes the Garmin G500 TXi 10.4″ PFD/MFD, Garmin G500 TXi 7″ Engine Indication System, GTN 650, GTN 750, G5 standby instrument, GMA 35 audio panel, GDL 88, Flightstream 210, ADS-B in and out, XM weather, and so much more! The aircraft features upgraded Whelen LEDs for the beacon, taxi, landing, and strobe lights. It has de-ice capability for additional safety.

N628Q is powered by two upgraded 260 Horsepower Continental IO-470L engines which are among the most robust and reliable in the Continental line. The engines were overhauled in 2014 with a Chuck Ney Conversion. With an impressive payload and range, N628Q can carry you, your family and friends and all their gear on the vacation of your dreams.

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High Performance Aviation


    4560 Total Time
    Complete Logbooks
    Basic Empty Weight = 3,674 pounds
    Useful Load – 1426 lbs.


    Continental IO-470L, 260 HP Engine
    Engine 1: 340 SMOH
    Engine 2: 340 SMOH

    Hartzell PHC-C3YF-2UF Propeller
    LH Propeller: 985 SPOH
    LH H&S Propeller Service 7/2016
    RH Propeller: 985 SPOH
    RH factory new 10/2008 and IRAN’d by H&S Propeller Service 6/2014


  • Maintenance & Inspections
    Annual inspection to be completed June 2020

    Maintenance History:
    New RH spark plugs (URHB32E) 9/2017
    Dynamically balance LH propeller 2/2017
    New radar magnetron 8/2016
    Overhaul RH engine magnetos 8/2016
    New #1 Gill G25 battery 8/2016
    New LH spark plugs (URHB32E) 7/2016
    Engine inspection and repair by Poplar Grove due to propeller FOD strike 7/2016
    New brake linings 7/2016
    Portable oxygen bottle hydrostatic check completed 7/2016 and next due 4/2021
    New cabin heater fuel pump 1/2016
    New LH starter 8/2015
    New #2 Gill G25 battery 6/2015
    Overhaul RH #3 cylinder 3/2015
    New LH vacuum pump 12/2014
    Dynamically balance RH propeller 10/2014
    New engine hoses 6/2014
    New engine mounts 6/2014
    Overhaul propeller governors 6/2014
    New propeller and mixture control cables 6/2014
    Overhaul LH alternator 6/2014
    RH propeller inspected (294 SIRAN) 6/2014
    New horizontal stabilizer boots 8/2013
    New vertical stabilizer boot 8/2013
    New RH fuel sender 12/2012
    New LH fuel sender 1/2012
    New brake discs 1/2012
    LH elevator rebuilt in aluminum 3/2010
    Overhaul cabin heater 1/2010Overhaul RH alternator 1/2009
    Wing bolts inspected 9/200
    New RH wing deice boot 12/2005
    New RH main fuel cell 1/2003
    New RH aux fuel cell 10/2002
    New LH main fuel cell 6/2002
    New LH aux fuel cell 5/2001
    New LH wing deice boot 9/1999
    Repair landing gear motor 12/1998
    Garmin G500 TXi 10.6″ PFD/MFD System w/ SVT

    G500 TXi 7″ Landscape Engine Indication System

    Garmin GTN 750 WAAS #1 GPS/Nav/Comm

    Garmin GNS 650 WAAS #2 GPS/Nav/Comm

    Garmin G5 Standby Instrumentation System

    King KFC 200 autopilot with altitude pre-select, GPSS, and electric trim

    Garmin GAD 43E autopilot adapter module (enables AHRS digital attitude/heading reference and GPSS)

    Dynon D1 Pocket Panel (portable mounted back-up PFD with AHRS and standby battery)

    King RDR 160 monochrome radar with 12” radar dish

    Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B IN/OUT dual link transceiver with ADS traffic and weather

    Garmin GDL-69A XM Digital Nexrad Satellite Weather Data Link/XM Stereo

    Garmin FlightStream 210 Bluetooth wireless gateway

    Garmin Telligence Voice Command “push-to-command switch” capability via GTN 750

    Garmin GMA 35 audio panel (displays/controlled through GTN 750)

    Garmin GTX 330ES ADS-B Out #1 transponder

    King KT76A #2 transponder

    ACK Technologies E-01 121.5 MHz ELT
    Guardian Avionics CO2 detector

    Auxiliary music jack
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    De-ice boots
    Alcohol windshield
    Alcohol propellers
    Ice light
    GAMIjectors (customized tuned fuel injectors)
    G&D Aero tinted window inserts
    Micro Aerodynamics vortex generators
    Unfeathering accumulators
    Whelen LED flashing beacon
    Whelen LED landing lights
    Whelen LED taxi light
    Whelen wingtip position/anti-collision light
    Single yoke installed (dual yoke comes with sale as well)
    Rosen sun visors
    Reiff engine preheater
    “The Spring Thing” nose baggage door holder
    F&M oil filter adapter
    22 cubic foot Nelson portable oxygen bottle mounted on floor of cabin
    Bruce’s Custom Canopy Cover, cowl plugs, and pitot cover



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