1961 Beechcraft 55 Baron for sale, Switzerland

Price: €141,000
Europe, Switzerland

Aircraft Description

DescriptionVery nice oldtimer!
First production year of the Baron 55

Cruising speeds:
225 mph at 75 percent power (2450 rpm) at 7,000 feet
220 mph at 65 percent power (2450 rpm) at 10,500 feet

1,225 miles range (45% power, 10,000 ft., 140 gal.)
(Includes full allowance for fuel used during warm-up, taxi, take-off and climb to altitude with a 45-minute fuel reserve at maximum-range speed)

Rate of climb at sea level (rated power)
1,700 fpm, two engines at 4,880 lbs
340 fpm, single engine at 4,880 lbs
455 fpm, single engine at 4,500 lbs
660 fpm, single engine at 4,000 lbs

Service ceiling (rated power)
20,000 ft, two engines at 4,880 lbs
7,600 ft, single engine at 4,500 lbs
10,850 ft, single engine at 4,000 lbs

76 mph stall speed (zero thrust), flaps 28 deg. down

910 ft take off distance (20 deg. flaps) ground run
At sea level, zero wind, standard temperature)

1,175 ft landing distance (28 deg. flaps) grond run
Airplane time stateSerial Number TC-64

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TT: 7960 hours

Engines, Continental IO-470-L, SN: CS-91831-4-L, 260 HP at 2625 RPM
Manufactuerd in 1965
TT: 4437 hours
TSOH: 96 hours
Overhauled October 4, 2012 with new Continental cylinder kits
TBO: 1500 hours
Crankshaft replaced in June 2000 at TT: 3304:01 according MSB 00-5B

Engines, Continental IO-470-L, SN: 297884-R
Factory rebuilt in 1999
TT: 1516 hours
TSOH: 96 hours
Overhauled October 4, 2012 with new Continental cylinder kits
TBO: 1500 hours

3 Bladed Propeller Harthell PHC-C3YF-2UF, SN: EB7659B
Manufactured in 2012
Installed new in April 2013
    Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel
    2 each Garmin GNS430 NAV COM GPS
    Garmin GI106A NAV 2 Idnicator
    King KI204 VOR ILS Co-Pilot
    Garmin GTX330 Transponder S
    King KR87 ADF with RMI
    King KN62A DME
    King ED461 EHSI (Electronic HSI)
    King SG465 Symbol Generator
    King KSG105 Directional Gyro
    AIM289-4M3 Copilot Slaved Directional Gyro
    AIM254-11-A Flux Detector
    King KA51B Slaving Accessory
    King KMT112 Flux Detector
    ARC40910 Slaving Meter
    Castleberry 305-2BI Pilot DC Attitude Gyro
    Ameri King AK-350 Alticoder
    Winter Slip Indicator
    WX1000+ Stormscope
    Marathon PC50 Inverter 1
    ARC DV20B Inverter 2
    B703IFW Inverter Failure Light
    King KA33-01 Cooling Blower
    Mitchell Century IIIB Autopilot
    S-TEC ST-360 Altitude Preselect/Alerter
    Roll, Pitch and Trim Servos
    Turn Coordinator
    King KA118 and King KA57 Autopilot Adapters
    ST-500 AC/DC Converter
    P324R 24 Volts Alternator
    R25400 Voltage Regulators
    Kannad 406AF Compact ELT
    TRX1500A TAS
    Hand Microphone
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Beige leather, beige carpet, 5 seats
    Condition 6/10
    White with Blue and Gold Accents, repainted by Kornprecht in Germany November 18, 2008 at TT: 7827:29
    Condition 8/10
  • Additional Equipment & Information
    Long range fuel tanks
    Later style nose
    Co-Pilot Brakes
    Dual Control Joke
    Janitrol Cabin Combustion Heater
    Propeller Alcohol Anti-Icer
    Surface De-Ice Boots with pressure container in the nose baggage compartement, currently inoperative. Boots have been removed
    Airwolf Oil Filter Kit AFC-K008-C, STC SA00079N4 installed on both engines
    Rosen Sun Visors
    Single Piece Windshield, Great Lakes FAA STC SA95GL
    Tinted Windows
    Cleveland main wheels and brakes, FAA STC
    Ailerons, Elevators, Elevator Trim Rod, FAA STC SA02172CH


    Maximum Take Off Weight: 4880 lbs
    Empty Weight: 3666.09 LBS

    140 USG (530 Liters) fuel capacity

    December 1981 at TT: 5202:07 hours, 3 fuel cells, main left hand and two auxiliary replaced

    December 2007 at TT: 7821.1, Replaced both ailerons, both elevators and right elevator trim rod with new parts in accordance with FAA STC SA02172CH

    January 2009 at TT: 7827.29, Replaced wing bolts
    June 2015 at TT: 7905:43 Inspected wing bolts
    June 2020 reinspected wing bolts

    Engine mounts removed, inspected and reinstalled at engine overhaul

    1000 hours inspection performed April 7, 2001 at TT: 7120:10 hours

    During annual inspection in 2020:
    Removed all worn out surface de-ice boots

    Removed and reinstalled fuel bladder tanks for internal wing inspection and leak check
    Refurbished bulkhead upholstery
    Inspected wing bolts
    Exhaust system of both engines overhauled by Gomolzig

    Annual inspection in progress, scheduled to be completed in October 2020
    ARC to be renewed with annual inspection

    Aircraft will be delivered with current annual inspection
    Specifications subject to verification by purchaser

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