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What Does xVue Bring to the Experimental Cockpit?

xVue is BendixKing’s first foray in to the experimental aircraft market. Offering premium product with top-of-the-line options like synthetic vision and vertical situation at an entry-level price, GA Buyer Europe learns more...

AvBuyer   |   20th June 2018
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xVue is BendixKing’s first foray in to the experimental market, and certainly won’t be its last. xVue offers experimental pilots premium product with top-of-the-line options like synthetic vision, and vertical situation at an entry-level price. xVue starts at $5,495 USD.
Simply put, the xVue is a powerful, fast and simple multifunction PFD that’s been developed for homebuilt aircraft. As traditional ‘6-packs’ become obsolete, we’re seeing the rise of the PFD.
PFDs offer better situational awareness, a faster instrument scan, and overall increase the safety envelope of your aircraft. xVue does all of this, and is designed to help homebuilt or experiment aircraft owners get truly industry-leading technology at an affordable price.
Whether you’re looking to replace older equipment or are undertaking a fresh build, xVue should be a strong contender for your aircraft.
Built From the Ground, Up

xVue has been designed from the ground up by industry-leading industrial designers for ease of use, with optimized button layouts and menus. After using the xVue for the first time you’ll notice a couple things:
  • You don’t have to search the menus to find what you need, and
  • When you touch the screen it responds immediately.
This is due to the fact the xVue has been designed with critical functions no more than two touches away, and all functions no more than four touches away.
xVue allows up to three panels to be displayed on the screen at one time: PFD only; PFD and MFD; PFD, MFD and vertical situation. You also can customize the amount of information presented on the screen, since, en route you may want more data shown for situational awareness, but on approach less information allowing you to focus.
xVue comes equipped with an industry leading 10.1-inch display with near 4k resolution, making it the highest resolution display on the market. 16.7 million colours, 1,000 nits of luminescence and 800:1 contrast ratio means a bright, easy-to-read display in any lighting.
BendixKing xVue Display Screenshots
The screen also has cutting edge touch technology providing high touch accuracy, accomplished through two years of extensive lab and flight testing to ensure reliability and user-friendly functionality.
The system itself has no moving parts, and the hardware is built from the materials used by Honeywell’s F-16 programs, giving the xVue a truly refined finished. Use of premium materials allowed BendixKing to create a very light product, with a total weight of 11.86lbs.
xVue doesn’t require expensive GPS upgrades, because it seamlessly integrates with BendixKing KSN series, Garmin GTN/GNS series and Avidyne IFD navigators.
To help you save even more it comes standard with industry leading SmartView Synthetic Vision, and vertical situation display to improve situational awareness and safety.
Continued Development

xVue has an abundance of functionally for a light, compact unit. It does so through more than 450,000 lines of FAA tested code written by BendixKing engineers.
This means that functions and options will continue to be added to the xVue over time. The first addition will be engine instruments, which is planned to be available early next year.
It’s no secret how difficult database and software updates can be, but that appears to be a thing of the past with the xVue, which has built in Wi-Fi allowing you to complete database updates in as little as four minutes, and software updates in less than 10 minutes using just your phone.
Finally, there’s no need to worry about failures. The xVue comes with a standard two-year warranty, which is expandable to seven years through the BendixKing Confidence Plan.
BendixKing xVue Sensors
For more information:

Contact your local BendixKing representative or email sales@bendixking.com to learn more about the xVue new touchscreen integrated flight deck.
BendixKing is committed to providing innovative, reliable, intuitive avionics for the general aviation pilot. When you choose to fly with BendixKing you can be confident that the products you depend on today will serve you well into the future. Visit https://bendixking.com


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