Business Aviation’s Greatest Attribute

While considered expensive to those less familiar with Private Aviation, there is one trait that justifies paying high amounts of money when operating in normal conditions. It's called flexibility…

Felipe Reisch  |  30th June 2017
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Felipe Reisch
Felipe Reisch

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Comfort and privacy are benefits of private jets, but what’s the top attribute?

Private jet travel has a reputation for being expensive, notes Monarch Air Group’s Felipe Reisch. However, there is one trait that justifies paying high amounts of money when operating in normal conditions. That trait is called flexibility…

Similar to private jets, travelling first class aboard the Scheduled Airlines can also be expensive and exclusive, but the prices paid aboard the Airlines won’t suffer modifications. Flexibility isn’t a strength in that industry.

From a price standpoint, however, the flexibility of flying on a private jet might allow you (on occasion) to travel with up to a 70% discount for a one-way ticket. Those opportunities are called ‘empty leg flights’ and they become available when one client only needs to charter a one-way trip, leaving the return portion of the flight empty, and available for another client at a discount.

Currently, there is a large empty leg charter market, and if you are willing to wait until the last minute to book a charter trip, there are private jet operators that offer discounted empty leg flights on a daily basis.

Beyond the price flexibility offered by private charter, however, there is a common aspect of flexibility offered by all sectors of Business Aviation – namely enabling the user to decide when and where they travel. This is the Gold Standardtrait of Business Aviation.

Schedule flexibility beats comfort and privacy as the top attribute of flying in a private jet. The availability of the aircraft 24/7/365 is what private travel is all about, and it’s what makes it separate extensively from the aforementioned first class travel with the Scheduled Airlines.


The Flexibility Snowball…

Further, schedule flexibility is closely paired with the overall time invested on a standard private flight. There’s no need to arrive three hours prior to departure for the exhausting pre-flight processes. The process before flying privately is reduced to minutes.

And the flexibility snowball effect doesn’t end there. Having the opportunity to depart and land at almost any airport (far beyond the rigid hub and spoke system served by the Airlines) also justifies private flight’s standard price. This not only allows you to avoid large quantities of people and traffic jams that come with the international airport experience, but gets you far closer to your final destination, saving money and time on ground transportation.

Finally, there’s the aspect of onboard flexibility. Perhaps you want to fly with your pets in the cabin, or require a specific food or beverage en route. Perhaps you want to make a last-minute stop before your final destination. That’s all possible using a private aircraft and represents flexibility at its finest!


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