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Top 5 Tips for Top 5 Trips : NYC, Moscow, Dubai & HK

The Insider’s Guide to flying to Business Aviation’s top 5 destinations

Niamh McNamara   |   16th September 2015
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Niamh McNamara Niamh McNamara

Niamh McNamara is Corporate Communications Manager at UAS International Trip Support, a leading...
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Among the world’s most popular flight destinations are Teterboro, Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow and Dubai, notes UAS’ Niamh McNamara. They’re all critical hubs and continental gateways – but what are some useful tips for operators using one of these locations?

Certain global destinations are under constant pressure to accommodate the demands of Business Aviation, and with differing levels of infrastructure to cope with the BizAv handling demands from one location to another it is worth keeping in mind some useful pointers when planning a trip there. Let’s begin with Teterboro…

New Jersey & New York

Only 19km from Manhattan, Teterboro (TEB/KTEB) is the busiest General Aviation airport in the New York area. Designed as a General Aviation relief airport, its function is to take care of the smaller aircraft from the regional traffic that would otherwise cause congestion at the area’s commercial airports.

Five Tips on Operations at TEB:

1. All enquiries regarding this airport must be handled by an agent;

2. US DOT authorization is requested in advance for non-scheduled commercial flights;

3. US Customs arrangement, eAPIS filing, and TSA Waiver authorization (if you’re planning domestic stops) are required for non-scheduled commercial flights;

4. An agent is needed to make a request for landing permits;

5. There are no Special Traffic Management Programs for this airport.

Moscow, Russia

Once among the busiest airports in the world, Moscow's Vnukovo Airport (VKO) has recently experienced a decline in the number of flights, although this can be attributed to internal and external situations such as economic sanctions and the decline in the Rouble. Nevertheless, it is still the busiest business airport in Russia.

Five Tips on Operations at VKO:

1. Overflight and landing permits are required for both private and non-scheduled flights into VKO;

2. There are no parking restrictions at this airport:

3. With regard to Russian Immigration, it is vital to obtain a visa prior to your arrival;

4. Visitors are advised to liaise with the Russian Embassy in their home counties well in advance of their planned trip;

5. For Crew members it is only possible to obtain a visa on arrival at three Moscow airports - VKO, SVO and DME. It is not possible to obtain a visa on arrival at any other airport.

Dubai, UAE

The UAE is the Middle East’s top trading economy with cutting-edge infrastructure that provides fantastic connectivity for businesses worldwide. Dubai International Airport (DXB) overtook London Heathrow as the world’s busiest international airport last year. In 2014, more than 66 million people passed through its terminals, and it expects to record the highest footfall of any international airport by the end of this year.

Five Tips on Operations at DXB:

1. While overflight permits are not required when flying into DXB, it is necessary to obtain a landing permit (this applies both to private flights and to non-scheduled commercial flights);

2. Pre-arranged visas must be deposited by the sponsor to the Immigration Authority and can be issued for either 96 hours, 14 or 30 days;

3. Deportation on the same flight will follow if the sponsor or a representative is not present at the time of passenger's arrival at the airport;

4. Holders of normal or emergency passports issued to EU citizens can obtain a visa upon arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days, free of charge;

5. If you are transiting through Dubai, baggage can be stored before customs clearance for up to 24 hours so you can leave the transit area. However, the baggage must be interlined to the final destination.

Hong Kong

Recent research found that 61 per cent of respondents in western economies see Hong Kong as the most important hub in which to do business on the continent of Asia. Naturally, then, Hong Kong International Airport (HKG/VHHH) is extremely busy.

Five Tips on Operations at HKG:

1. Operations into HKG do not require overflight permits, but landing permits are required (this applies to both private and non-scheduled commercial flights);

2. Registered airlines, air operators or agents can submit flight applications and supporting documents to Air Services and Safety Management Division of the Civil Aviation Department via the e-filing System;

3. A passport is necessary for all entering Hong Kong, regardless of their country of origin;

4. Nationals of almost 170 countries can visit Hong Kong without a visa. The duration of this lasts between seven to 180 days;

5. Taxis are available from the Taxi Station located outside the Arrivals Hall. It’s important to note that Hong Kong taxis are color-coded according to the areas in which they operate. Red are urban taxis that serve all destinations throughout Hong Kong, Green taxis serve only the New Territories and Blue taxis are Lantau taxis.

Beijing, China

As the capital of the People’s Republic of China, as well as one of the most populated cities in the world, Beijing is a major international hub. It is also home to the headquarters of most of the country’s state-owned companies, making Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) one of the busiest airports in the world.

Five Tips on Operations at PEK :

1. It’s vital to obtain overflight and landing permits in advance, both for private flights and non-scheduled flights ;

2. Upon arrival, an immigration officer will board to check exact passenger numbers. Passengers will then be escorted off the aircraft and transported to the Capital Jet FBO for the Customs and Immigration process;

3. Chinese customs prohibit the import of the following items: prints, roll films, photos, discs, movies, tapes, video tapes, computer storage media and other articles that impair the politics, economics, culture and morals of China;

4. You are required to declare the following articles when exiting the country: cultural relics, endangered plants, animals and their products, resources of biological species, and valuable metals such as gold and silver;

5. It’s also required that any manuscripts, prints, films, photos, discs, movies, tapes, video tapes, computer storage media and other articles that involve state secrets be declared.

Your Top BizAv Travel Tips? Please share below via the Comments Box.

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