Women and the Future of Aviation

Just 5% of middle managers and executives in the aviation industry are women. Why is this?

René Banglesdorf  |  01st July 2013
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René Banglesdorf
René Banglesdorf

René Banglesdorf- CEO- Charlie Bravo Aviation René is co-founder and CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation- a...

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Rene Banglesdorf

One of the things that I encounter frequently in my line of work is some form of the cliched question- 'what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?' My answer is usually something along the lines of 'living the dream.' There are only a few other women in the world that have the opportunity to work as an aircraft broker- and for the most part- we all love our jobs.

The latest research I can find suggests that about five percent of middle managers and executives in the aviation industry are women- which is extremely low when compared to the number of women in the workplace today. Many people assume that there is a significant barrier to entry for women- but I beg to differ.

Just from observing the behavior of small children- I believe that the industry attracts males. Boys inherently look around when they hear motors—jets- dump trucks- and muscle cars alike. Girls don't seem to notice as much. As time goes on- boys develop the itch to fly—and girls not so much.

As an industry- I believe that we have the responsibility to encourage STEM (Science- Technology- Engineering and Math) programs in our schools ensuring the next generation is equipped to propel aviation into the next generations. And we should actively recruit girls to participate in aviation-related programs both in school and in extracurricular activities.

Charlie Bravo Aviation supports a local non-profit that gets kids at the elementary and high school level interested in aviation (Phoenix Arising Aviation Academy). There are a number of initiatives around the world that do the same thing. Let's all be aware and invest in the future of our industry!

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