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Business Aviation:
A Regular Travel Option
Business Aviation as a regular travel option is essential for the advantages it offers key personnel- says Jack Olcott. Just ask 95% of the 50 most admired companies throughout the USA.

Thousands of companies globally include business aviation as an integral part of their travel programs. As shown in the graph below- the use of business jet and business turboprop aircraft is widespread and steadily growing.

Worldwide- business aircraft have access to about 10 times the number of airports served by the scheduled airlines. In emerging markets- the ratio of airports accessible to business aviation compared with scheduled service is more dramatic. When scheduling flexibility is considered- the advantage of business aviation becomes obvious.

For example- in the USA- nearly 80 percent of all airline passengers fly to- and from less than 50 airports. The nation’s hub-and-spoke system has significantly constrained travel options. Thus companies on the move find business aviation a necessity to maximize the productivity of their people and time.

Research by Nexa Advisors- LLC conducted for the National Business Aviation Association revealed that the world’s most respected companies are active users of business aviation. As depicted by the cover story of Fortune’s January 2009 issue- for example- 95 percent of the top 50 most admired companies throughout the USA are users of business aviation.

Clearly- use of business aircraft to augment travel on scheduled airlines reflects appropriate time management and allocation of company resources. Board Directors who understand the capabilities of business jets and turboprops are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders.

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