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A Lot To Love
The public at large knows little about the advantages that Business Aviation provides the American economy- outlines Jack Olcott. To ameliorate that lack of awareness- the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and the National Business Aviation Association support a program of advocacy called No Plane No Gain.

Launched initially in the mid-1990s by both DC-based associations- the program took on a new life a few years ago following the negative publicity directed toward business jets stemming from auto executives requesting financial assistance from Congress in the fall of 2008. Congressman Ackerman- a Democrat from New York- chastised the CEOs of Chrysler- Ford and General Motors for arriving in the Nation’s Capitol via corporate jet rather than the scheduled airlines.

Subsequent bashing of Business Aviation even made its way into President Obama’s statement before a joint session of Congress following his inauguration a few months later. The many benefits of Business Aviation are well-appreciated by the thousands of US companies that employ this highly versatile form of transportation.

Nevertheless- it is worthwhile to list just a few of the more impressive facts about the use of general aviation aircraft for business transportation- courtesy of No Plane No Gain.

• Business Aviation contributes over $150 billion to the US Gross Domestic Product.

• Business aircraft provide access to over 5-000 public-use airports in the USA- whereas schedules airlines serve less than 500 airports and concentrate the vast majority of their flights at less than 50 hub locations.

• Business Aviation reaches 10 times the US locations with any level of scheduled airline service and about 100 times the locations with frequent flights.

• Nearly 75 percent of all passengers on business aircraft are middle managers- sales personnel or technical support specialists.

• American’s most successful public companies—the firms that provide the best returns to shareholders in terms of dividends and capital gains—are users of Business Aviation.

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