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An Under-utilized Resource
Airports suitable for business jets are numerous in many countries- particularly in the USA- states Jack Olcott. In round numbers- there are approximately 500 airports in the USA that have scheduled airline service- but nearly three quarters of all airline passengers board or disembark at less than 50 locations- where the airlines have their “hub” operations.

If you seek convenient schedules or direct flights- you are limited to less than 50 city pairs in the USA and even fewer locations in countries outside North America.

In sharp contrast to travel via the scheduled airlines- Business Aviation is able to provide transportation between most of the nearly 5-000 airports situated in the USA. Furthermore- as seen in the accompanying chart- the vast majority of the US population is located within 20 statute miles of an airport capable of handling the typical business aircraft. Note that nearly 40 percent of the US population is located more than 100 statute miles from large hubs- where the most convenient airline flights are offered.

Airports suitable for Business Aviation already exist- ready to be utilized as centers for commerce. Planners anxious to stimulate economic growth should include the unique advantages of transportation via business aircraft.

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