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Being There- and the Wisdom of Warren Buffett
Commerce involves interaction between buyer and seller — people dealing with people- outlines Jack Olcott. Such is the characteristic of all human endeavors. While today’s Internet Technology enables people to communicate ever more broadly and at faster speeds- nothing has replaced the magic of doing business face-to-face.

Physically being there is a necessity for establishing a relationship that grows into trust. Business without trust is shaky at best- and likely to turn south when issues arise in the execution of even the best business plan. Once each party to a deal have obtained a measure of their counterparties- and a course of action has been agreed upon- execution of the business plan’s ongoing functions can be handled with increasing reliance on the marvels of today’s IT world. But reaching the rapport and confidence to commit time and treasure to a program requires face-to-face contact.

Such is the necessity of transportation throughout the ages. Regardless of the century or geography- transportation has been an enabler of economic development and enhanced quality of life. It is within this framework of human interaction that Business Aviation as an integral part of air transportation has unique and profound value—today and in the future.

Few businessmen are as respected as Warren Buffett [who is often called the Oracle of Omaha]. Recently he added his wisdom to No Plane No Gain- the advocacy program of the General Aviation Manufactures Association (GAMA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

With our sincere acknowledgement to the good work of the No Plane No Gain Team in Washington- DC- we recite below several of Mr. Buffett’s astute comments about the advantages of using Business Aviation to conduct business face-to-face.

• Can you really be there for your customer if you’re not really there?
• You’re more likely to be on the same page if you’re in the same room.
• Ever give a firm handshake over a speaker phone?
• How will you ever see eye-to-eye if you’re not face-to-face?
• How are they going to see things your way if they can’t even see you?

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