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Essential Access
Business Aviation plays a vital role in connecting parts of the world not served by the airlines- underlines Jack Olcott. As such- it is an essential part of a successful company’s or entrepreneur’s routine and plays a vital part in the national economy... not that you’d know it by observing the U.S. Congress.

The debate that shutdown the Federal Aviation Administration from July 23 for nearly two weeks- furloughed 4-000 FAA personnel- idled about 70-000 contractor employees and suspended airline ticket taxes- stemmed from a fight over terminating subsidies at several airports covered under the government’s long-standing Essential Air Service program.

By using the resource of Business Aviation in any of its forms - from occasional charter- to fractional ownership- to owning and operating a business jet - companies and entrepreneurs are not dependent upon scheduled airlines for access to locations important to commerce.

As the graphics below indicate- companies use Business Aviation in large measure for transportation to and from airports without any level of scheduled airline service.

All non-airline- non-military flights into the nation’s most heavily used airline airports total - at most - 4.0% of all aircraft movements. In essence- Business Aviation is not a significant user of large commercial service airports. It is- however- a key user of airports without scheduled airline service.

Without Business Aviation- many communities in our nation and throughout the globe would not experience access to the opportunities that accrue from companies and entrepreneurs coming to town.

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