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Flight Crew Screening Suffices
Transportation that is safe- productive and secure is by far the primary reason for owning and operating a company aircraft- says Jack Olcott. A Director’s focus should be on developing and implementing policy that emphasizes transportation as an efficient and effective business tool.

Motivations for ownership of a business aircraft- such as enjoying the prestige of ownership or providing a royal barge for the folks on Mahogany Row- pale to insignificance when compared with the benefits shareholders receive when a company aircraft is used properly.

When surveyed by Harris Interactive- Inc. for the No Plane No Gain advocacy program sponsored by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and the National Business Aviation Association- the companies queried responded that by far the primary motivation was to provide transportation to locations that either had no airline service- or where airline schedules were unable to address their business needs.

Six percent of the respondents specifically identified industrial or personal security as the primary reason for using a company aircraft. With respect to the question of whether Business Aviation should be subject to the same type of screening used for the airlines- it is noteworthy that nearly one in five locations served by company aircraft has no airline service. Thus- in addition to being of highly questionable necessity- airline-type screening would be expensive and very inefficient (since there is no indication that Business Aviation should have the same type of screening that is needed for the unidentified passenger).

Security for Business Aviation is handled most effectively by flight departments run with thorough Boardroom oversight.

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