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Looking Good
$150bn Annual Activity within the US Economy
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association- in conjunction with the National Business Aviation Association- has gathered compelling data that illustrate the value of Business Aviation.

A quick look reveals that by bringing the ebb and flow of commerce to the many locations that have either minimal or no airline service- business aircraft account for about $150Bn of annual activity within the US economy. What the graphic below fails to show is the additional value that comes from higher productivity facilitated by Business Aviation.

Without Business Aviation- Americans would be constrained to less than 500 domestic airports with any form of scheduled airline service. But in fact- most airliners operate to and from less than 50 airports. Studies reveal that the typical business traveler using scheduled service from the busiest 25 airports can expect to lose one or more hours of work-time on an average trip. Also- about a quarter of all airline flights were delayed- diverted or cancelled in 2008- a typical year for airline travel. In stark contras

t to scheduled airliners- business aircraft are able to use about 5-000 airports in the USA- business people can travel on their own schedules- and the travel environment is conducive to addressing business issues without passengers being concerned about industrial security.

A business aircraft is a business office that moves. In business aircraft- employees are able to be noticeably more productive. Thus it is understandable why companies and entrepreneurs often find Business Aviation the only efficient way to obtain maximum value from business travel.

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