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Need A New Large Jet ?
The ultra-long-range jet prospects
Companies that do business globally understand the importance of long-range performance. If you are looking for a jet to maximize the productivity of your employees’ trans-oceanic travel time- you should become familiar with the in-development aircraft models in addition to those already in production- says Dave Higdon.

In a world when many versions of a tool can deliver the fundamentals- decision makers necessarily turn their attention to any ancillary or value-added benefits that a product may offer. A machine tool like a vertical mill can get the job done- but a computer-controlled version will do it faster and more efficiently. Apply this same logic to the purchase of a new business aircraft. When neither financial issues or flight performance delineate an ideal choice- examining both typical and atypical mission expectations can help your considerations.

Sometimes you find that passenger space is your ultimate decision point. For example- when travel distances are routinely lengthy- comfort is a driving concern- and directly linked to an employee’s productivity upon arrival at the destination. Hence an aircraft’s cabin interior will weigh heavily in your selection criteria.

Cabins can be completed with distinct zones that allow multiple uses. Thus some passengers can meet in one area without their conversation interfering with others located elsewhere. Large cabins can facilitate multiple meetings without crosstalk cutting into their effectiveness. The following paragraphs form a review of some of the larger aircraft currently in development and scheduled for certification and initial customer deliveries in the not-too-distant future.

Work is already stacking up for completion of the first Gulfstream G650 to enter service as the world’s fastest business jet – thanks to a speed 92.5 percent of the speed of sound. Gulfstream received provisional certification in mid-November for the G650- its largest- longest-range-jet yet- and final certification should be granted early this year. Customer deliveries will commence immediately thereafter.

With a cabin stretching nearly 47 feet long and 7 feet wide at floor level- the G650 provides about 325 square feet of cabin floor space. Among the comfort-oriented design aspect of the G650 is a cabin that remains comfortably at sea level pressure all the way to 31-900 feet above sea level. Of the achievements made during flight testing were flights exceeding 14 consecutive hours; confirmation that the G650 can cover 7-000 nautical miles (at Mach 0.85) or 5-000 nautical miles (at Mach 0.90).

Bombardier- meanwhile- is developing a pair of new aircraft that will rival the G650. The Global 7000 is due to begin delivering to customers in 2016 and the Global 8000 in 2017. Both will continue Bombardier’s tradition of offering Global Express descendants that advance the boundaries of speed and distance.

With cabins sized appropriately for aircraft capable of 16 hour flights (at their longest)- passengers traveling on the Global 7000 and slightly smaller Global 8000 will enjoy plenty of space to stretch their legs as well as their minds.

The Global 7000 offers a main cabin length of 54.5 feet which is enough for four distinct zones plus a galley. The Global 8000- meanwhile will offer a main cabin length of 45.4 feet in the main cabin (three distinct zones and a galley). Bombardier’s Global 7000 has a 7-300 nautical mile-range and the Global 8000 offers more range at 7-900 nautical miles.

Finally- the Sukhoi Design Bureau is well established in combat- commercial and aerobatic aircraft- but it’s now poised to enter the business jet market with its Sukhoi Business Jet (SBJ)- which Russia’s SuperJet Worldwide has begun advanced sales for- positioning it as an 8-to-10 passenger long-range business aircraft. First customer deliveries are expected in 2014.

Large enough to carry 100 passengers as an airliner- the SBJ offers an expansive 10.6-foot-wide cabin- just below 7 feet cabin height- and nearly 67 feet length- with the ability to cover more than 4-200 nautical miles.

The above review of ultra-long-range and large cabin jets expected to come on to the market in the near- to medium-term includes models expected to enter service over the next five years. When considering your own company’s medium term travel requirements- these options should be factored into your planning as you weigh up the right jet to provide transportation for your all-important company employees.

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