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Government and Industry:
The Fundamental Need for Transportation
Government—like industry—needs efficient- effective and secure transportation. Like industry- government employs Business Aviation to serve its travel needs- observes Jack Olcott.

The federal government of the USA operates the world’s largest fleet of business aircraft. It does so for essentially the same reasons that thousands of US companies own and operate business jets- turboprops- piston-powered airplanes and helicopters—the fundamental need for transportation.

To return the greatest value from the use of limited resources—and time itself is the most finite of those limited resources—society must continually strive for optimum productivity- which requires the efficient and effective use of people and time.

Throughout history- transportation has enabled people to engage with increasing levels of efficiency in commerce and interact effectively with their counterparts in various cultures- thereby expanding commerce and improving quality of life. Transportation is an enabling technology for serving society in its ongoing quest for economic growth and improved quality of life.

Federal and state governments embrace the use of business aircraft to fulfil their obligations to the nation’s citizens. Directors of public as well as private corporations can rest assured that they are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities when they consider Business Aviation objectively as an accepted travel option.

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