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Editorial Viewpoint

Aviation- the primary mode of long-distance transportation for the developed world- is an enabling technology for economic development and improved quality of life throughout the globe. Today- however- business leaders as well as governments are recognizing that aviation is more than simply scheduled airlines. Now it includes Business Aviation- and emerging markets are benefiting from this unique form of transportation.

Our Pledge
As more nations embrace the internet as a means of communicating- the barriers of commerce that once were maintained by distance and culture are crumbling. The pace of business everywhere is consequently accelerating.

Opportunities abound in regions of the world that lack timely airline service. Thus entrepreneurs and corporations are relying more on Business Aviation as an augmentation to the airlines for reaching exciting markets. The old adage that victory goes to those who arrive “…the firstest with the mostest…” clearly applies in this new era of Globalization.

BizJet Advisor pledges to bring its Business Aviation expertise to readers in the Middle East- India and Southeast Asia. Our Vision is to be your trusted source for information relevant to safe- effective- efficient and accepted operation of business aircraft. Our Mission is to provide you with material you can use to understand the advantages of Business Aviation- factor those advantages into your business plans and choose the application of business aircraft that best satisfies your travel requirements.

Our Values are honesty- objectivity- accuracy- relevancy and respect for your interest in Business Aviation.

Business Aviation Benefits
Through concise editorial- we will present compelling examples of the benefits that Business Aviation provides shareholders- entrepreneurs and business leaders. Studies done over more than a decade of research by several organizations in the USA as well as in Europe show that companies using Business Aviation generate higher returns to shareholders than non-users; are more admired by the public than non-users; and enable employees to be more productive than employees of companies that do not use this form of transportation. A business aircraft is truly the sign of a well-managed company.

A business aircraft is an office that moves- enabling travel time to be productive time. Studies show that the office-like environment of a business aircraft actually enables more work to be accomplished than is possible at the home office.

No one can drop in unexpectedly- interrupting your concentration or disrupting your workflow- when you are cruising at 40-000 feet. Nor can a customer walk out of a meeting when you are providing transportation in a business aircraft. Indeed- you can engage colleagues and customers in conversation without concern that a stranger (or competitor) in the next airline seat is eavesdropping.

Using the versatility of a business aircraft- there is no requirement to fit your travel needs into an airline’s schedule. You arrive when the opportunity is presented; you depart when the meeting is concluded. You are in control.

Nor will we neglect the contributions of business aircraft to easing the rigors of air travel. Business people know the value of time. They use it wisely in their commercial transactions- and they understand the benefits of traveling in a relaxing- comfortable style fitting of their station in the pantheon of business.

Users of business aircraft also appreciate fine craftsmanship. An aircraft is a thing of beauty—a fine example of engineering excellence. The French architect and planner for the Indian city of Chandigarh- Charles-Édouard Jeanneret—better known as Le Corbusier—was an outspoken admirer of aircraft as an expression of man’s imagination and creativity. We offer a review of aircraft available to the discerning traveler- one who appreciates that people and time are a firm’s two most valuable assets.

Bizjet Advisor—Middle East- India & Southeast Asia is designed to be your source for need-to-know information about how best to apply the many benefits of Business Aviation to expand your business and bring the ebb and flow of commerce to areas of emerging growth and opportunity.

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